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Did anyone else see this message in-game?

twodayslatetwodayslate Member Posts: 724

Happened late this morning (PST), some GM global announcement to the effect of "please avoid making comments of a sexual nature in chat, it is grounds for account termination."  I saw that and just thought WTF, of all the unusual things to enforce when every public chat channel in the game is a constant stream of nothing but racism, pure hatred, and miscellaneous troll-related nonsense.


  • strangerdangstrangerdang Member Posts: 233

    Relax man.

    If you cant handle poeple with diffrent views, diffrent senses of humor, and diffrent chocies of discussion topic, your not going to like the internet much.

    And just because people cant stop talking about the jungle (april fools joke gone out of control) doesnt make them racists.

    Believe it or not, there are GM's on, and they do moderate chat when needed.


    Also city chat is optional, if seeing people having fun in chat angers you because its not a topic you enjoy talking about.

  • twodayslatetwodayslate Member Posts: 724

    Eh, I'm not sure how people qualify homophobic and racist remarks as fun (this played out jungle nonsense doesn't even enter into it), but then again, the internet is full of the uneducated.  Maybe the sort of humor that transforms public chats (not just city) into little more than a transcript of a Call of Duty match, is better understood by people who felt that community college was the most challenging thing they'd ever done.

  • NemisarieNemisarie Member Posts: 19

    Have you never played an FPS shooter? GA is more FPS shooter like Battlefield or COD than an actual mmo, you should go in expecting 12 year olds with tiny epeens, crying and cursing cause they got killed by a hacker (who isnt actually hacking) and worse.. I play TF2 and Bad company 2 all the time so i was used to the name calling and harrasment when i went into this game, so it seems quite tame considerering...

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