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Any games out there as immersive as VG?

mastersomratmastersomrat Member UncommonPosts: 373

Any games out there as immersive as VG?  I like the environment feel of VG (Trees and grass blowing in the wind, multiple layer moving clouds, night / day cycles, actual wind with the sounds, and water rushing to shore (and much more).  Any ideas?


  • PyrettaBlazePyrettaBlaze Member Posts: 34

    Yes there are many. :) Just not so many in the MMORPG genre as far as I'm aware.

  • DivonaDivona Member UncommonPosts: 189

    I believe LOTRO environment and sound are pretty good and match what you looking for, multiple layer cloud, night/day cycles, water detail look pretty good too, especially around Evendim. For the art style, and details I will have to give it to Guild Wars. That game does have amazing landscape.

  • deadmilkdeadmilk Member Posts: 173

    I couldn't find anything else so I gave up looking and went back to VG.

  • TorgrimTorgrim Member CommonPosts: 2,088

    LOTRO has pretty impressive enviroment as you describes even better than VG in many cases.

    If it's not broken, you are not innovating.

  • ValerienValerien Member Posts: 26

    Darkfall beautifull and very immersive if you can handle customizing your UI, taking care of yourself until you join a guild, and the full loot ffa pvp gameplay.


  • mastersomratmastersomrat Member UncommonPosts: 373

    Thanks for input.  I will have a look at LotR.  Just can't beleive there are so few.

  • WarnyWarny Member Posts: 48

    I tryed to find life after VG, ended up going back to Vg with a new account for a fresh start, just can't seem to find anything eles that has that VG feel to it.

  • KrinusKrinus Member Posts: 11

    Whats VG? It's Vanguard? If so, isnt Vanguard turning int oa ghost game with no real community to play with? It's worth to play a mmo in this state?

  • WarnyWarny Member Posts: 48

    Yes VG is vanguard, it's not a ghost game yet, The Pop is low but there is plenty of people still playing and it has one of the best game communitys i have come across, always good advice and plenty of people to help and want nothing from you.

    I have been back for 2 weeks now and loving every min of this game again.


  • NethermancerNethermancer Member Posts: 520

    I truely believe there isnt a game out there that is immersive. I am having a blast in Vanguard and im actually exploring a world which i havnt done since my first MMO. ME and a couple guild mates have been going into dungeons not to get loot but to explore every inch. I havnt had this much fun in an mmo since.....ever.

    If you like good communities and great deep pve......you really need to join Vanguard and join a good guild and have a blast. 

    Playing: PO, EVE
    Waiting for: WoD
    Favourite MMOs: VG, EVE, FE and DDO
    Any person who expresses rage and loathing for an MMO is preposterous. He or she is like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae.

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 28,603

    Originally posted by Krinus

    Whats VG? It's Vanguard? If so, isnt Vanguard turning int oa ghost game with no real community to play with? It's worth to play a mmo in this state?

    is it worth playing an mmo with a huge community that you hate?

    Vanguard has a small but dedicated community. It's a huge world and though it's a bit creaky here and there (read minor bugs or annoyances) it's far better than when it was released and there is so much here that anyone interested in just exploring and slowly working on their character might enjoy it.

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