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The game still active?

Dear VCO players,

It's been a long time since I played Voyage Century Online. I started playing in the open beta and it was an amazing experience.

Athens and Alexander were packed and the concept was rather unique and well made. This game enjoyed me so much.

That was until the cash shop dominated the game, but apart from that, it was a wonderful game.


So I recently made a new character and checked the game out and found out the ports are just empty.

Is there still anything going around in this game as it used to be?


  • CaptAntillusCaptAntillus Member Posts: 58

      I can tell you why I left the game(which I played for 3 and a half years), and many people I know did too: it´not fun if you´re not an IM junkie. If you don´t spend at least U$ 500/month, you´re just cannon fodder. You can, of course, try to play it cash free. But then you have to own a nice PC, which can keep, at least, 5 clients on, and do 16 hours/day of the same annoying thing. You do Malta 5 times, then Madagascar/Bombay/Mausoleum Instances, then you do Bimini/North Island Instances, then you spend the rest of the day in Hurricane Island. The other day you do the same, but instead of HI, you spend countless hours killing mobs in NI/BI for job levels. And this is basically, you´re VCO day if you want to be compatitive in PvP and don´t spend the salary of a whole african city monthly in IM.


       When I started fighting wars, you could enter a Sea Battlefield against an enemy, both sailing around each other, firing and firing, until one of you sink.  Now, you stay in offshore until one IM junkie enters, fires 3 times, sinks everyone(you die in first hit), and then gets sunk by another IM junkie who rams him for 2kk damage.


       There is no more place in PvP if you´re not a heavy IM spender or the virgin son a wealthy family. And there is very little PvE content for end game.


       The solution I found was to seek another game.

  • HeracliusHeraclius Member Posts: 71

    You're so right there, I just took a look at the item mall and have never seen such offers in a game. (All kinds of boosters, and expensive as hell.)

    When I played this game the first time when beta opened, I was so amazed how cool this game was. The genre was quite new and exploring/land and sea fighting was great.

    It's just so sad to see a game you're really interested go down to the bottom like VCO. I tried BBO but the item mall is pretty much similar.

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