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Honest opinion

WAlex234WAlex234 Member Posts: 66

so ive been doing alot of looking lately for a game and have yet to find a really satisfying game to invest time into except for the little LoL ive been playing but i would like to play a MMO thats got great pvp that i can really enjoy.

-- have played Rift to lvl 50 didnt really catch me

so im thinking of re-subbing to a game





out of these games which would have the community/population worth playing with pvp wise.


-- and just be honest


- ty for all that post

Currntly:Searching for The game



  • ThaneUlfgarThaneUlfgar Member Posts: 283

    Of the three, I've only played Warhammer and that was last month. Population wise it seems fine, when you consider its down to two NA servers and what, 6 in Europe? It's fun as hell, but don't expect much to do beyond pvp. It has the endless free trial, and if you upgrade, you only have to pay the first month subscription. 15 bucks isn't bad for a one month trial, it's worth it to give it a try, in my opinion.

    As far as I know, Aion has the most subscribers. I could be wrong on that one, though.

  • WAlex234WAlex234 Member Posts: 66

    i just updated my client and will try Warhammer again in the endless trial.

    --does anyone know how populated end game is because if i decide to re-subb it would be nice to have a population.


    -- ty for the posts

    Currntly:Searching for The game


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