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game cannot stop running

earth2011earth2011 Member Posts: 131


When i run a game and i log off the game is still running and i cannot kill the proccess from the task manager

i use process exprorer  but still no joy  - do i need to format  or is there a way to get arround this problem ?



win7 32bit

Thanks for all the help


edit : i did stop but  3 - 4 minites later


  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,231

    Sounds like either you have viruses/malware clogging up your system, or you have a significant lack of RAM and it's just your system catching up on virtual memory before the process can finally come to a stop.

    Either way, you need to post a lot more details: Hardware specs, which game it is, etc.

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