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APB: Reloaded: Streaming Patch Process

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

The APB Reloaded blog has been updated with a series of notices about streaming patches to be applied over the next several days as the team prepares the latest game version for open beta. Included updates will address the usual bugs and fixes as well as add the Armas Marketplace, fixing PunkBuster CPU spike, fixes to audio/video and the SkillRating system.

Tonight we are rolling out the Armas Marketplace. For the first 5 days you will be able to buy a limited set of items and premiums, AND because we are in a testing period on day 6 we will give you a full (100%) deposit back to your GamersFirst account of any G1 Credits you used in APB for the first 5 days. What that means is that you can buy 3 months of Premium Account access today, get a deposit back on Tuesday, and then buy another 3 months if you so chose, while still keeping the Premium you bought during the first 5 days. Of course you can keep your Credits to spend them later in the year when we start releasing our big list of 1,400+ items that you will be able to buy in the game.

So go wild. This is one of the perks of having been part of the Closed Beta!

Read more about the patch notes on the APB Reloaded blog.




  • Miles-ProwerMiles-Prower Member Posts: 1,106

    Wow! This is cool! Good on GamersFirst for this. Wonder what kind of cool items you can buy? I'll have to check it out ASAP =P.


    ~Miles "Tails" Prower out! Catch me if you can!

    Come Join us at - Meet other fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!
  • akathosakathos Member UncommonPosts: 179

    1,400 items to buy with G1 credits? wow. That means 90-95 odd % of items of the game you will have to buy with real cash! LOL and still people are going to play, Buy to win - for the loose.


    '''Of course you can keep your Credits to spend them later in the year when we start releasing our big list of 1,400+ items that you will be able to buy in the game.''''


    MoneyFirst. not GamersFirst.

  • eric_w66eric_w66 Member UncommonPosts: 1,006

    More importantly, did they fix the "crash every 2 minutes" bugs....

  • urthal22urthal22 Member UncommonPosts: 108

    Your Statement made me laugh Eric... Thank you. :P


    Someone who only Wishes to play shouldnt be allowed in Closed Betas to begin with... He will complain about it even tho it was said plenny time they are working on it. They wont release the game with the GPF going on ... they aint stupid, there a business...quite a Popular one.

  • matrixvsmatrixvs Member Posts: 179

    to be fair, i been in the beta from both releases and this one .. lets just put it this way they screwed up more things than was wrong in first release.

    dont buy items wait at least 1 month .. my bet is its dead within one..

    dont get me wrong i like the concept of the game it can work but as long as "pb is fine" mentality of the devs is and the way the balance goes from left to right.... still only 1 gun beats everything..

    not to mention 90% items are cash .. rest is limited for like 10 days (unless the high end 3 slotted ones are perm but wouldent count on it)

    to be completely fair.. cant realy think of anything they fixed (most bugs ingame atm) were allready in last release of apb or are made by them inc. some patches that were in old apb aint in it (spawning "they say they fixed it" u get shot even more often by someone when u spawn coz ur allmost on same spawns..)


    So some good advice for all of u dont buy anything ride it out. See if failbuster works and how overpowered cash shop is gona be.

  • bdewbdew Member Posts: 192

    So this applies only to those in CBT, right?

    Great way to screw those who already bought the game once...



    Luckily I got a APB Reloaded beta code from a giveaway site today so I can say that the game is pretty amazing so far!


    If anyone else hasn't gotten a code yet and wants to try it out, the site I got my key from is here:


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