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War of the Burning Sky online

stavrjimstavrjim Member Posts: 4

High fantasy fans get interested! 


A new MMO is coming apparently based on the successful campaign arc "War of the Burning Sky" and its going to be called, surprisingly, War of the Burning Sky Online. You can find more details here: but the key characteristics to me as a gamer which some of you might find interesting are:


Its based on a successfull pen and paper RPG world and story, almost the opposite of what Dragon Age did (going from PC game to Pen and Paper)

They say its going to be a living game system "Everything you do makes an impact on the world. Powers can shift, political systems can collapse, economic climates can reverse—all triggered by your actions and decisions.". Now this can be really great or meh, but being a possitive character I go for lets have it really great!

It is also supposed to have a living economy, which in my mind, if its anything like EVE has, it could mean a really dynamic game, not limited to storying or questing.


All in all the graphics look pretty impressive as well, although there is little true gameplay stuff there to tell and in 2011 graphics expectations are high anyway...

Looking forward to the character builder going live soon (according to their tweeter).



  • UncleDogUncleDog Member Posts: 7

    Took a look at their site, and it seems very interesting. Sadly, they only have a few blurbs about what the game will be, and two videos. If the information presented turns out to be more than hype, it will be an amazing game.

    The only worry I have about "player generated content/player made game changes" is that I have seen into the mind of the mob of players: Many have great ideas, awesome dreams and a vivid imagination. The other type of player could very well destroy the game if it were allowed.

    Not bagging on the game yet, just a concern that stems from listening to gamers over the years.

    When the game comes to fruition, I will check it out though.

    Dude, It's just a game.

  • lafemme24lafemme24 Member Posts: 2

    When is this coming out?

  • ideationideation Member Posts: 19

    If it follows through, it could become a very promising game. Thanks for the link, I'll certainly keep tabs on it.

  • CorkCorkCorkCorkCorkCork Member Posts: 70

    No screenshots for this game........hmmmmmm.

    Whenever you are really bored and don't wanna play an MMO game, go to:

    Hey hey hey heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy.......


  • IfeedtrollsIfeedtrolls Member Posts: 122

    Don't get me wrong. I want to believe this. But I want more solidness.

  • FeverfewFeverfew Member Posts: 120

    "Flexible playing mode, single or multi-player"  =(

    Sounds like a multiplayer console game?

    F2P anyway, so I'm still excited.

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