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Content update for RF Online?

jch02140jch02140 Member UncommonPosts: 3

Is there still content update for the US or even Korean server of RF Online?.. I haven't been log into the game much lately and I can't check since the PC I used to play RF is in repair...




  • jimbo833jimbo833 Member Posts: 158

    well unsure what the last versoin you played. but the gold points "expansion" is a bit old so i guess you have played it.


    but the gold points only started to get used about 6 months ago.


    BUT on the webiste it says theres a new expansion due out in december (look at the Bern server event)


    but GW2 and swtor wil lbe out by then, i guess if it gets released thenw e might see on a private server, but who knows.

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