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PvP plz

WAlex234WAlex234 Member Posts: 66

so im not picky but lately i have been wanting my pvp fix :)

- can be old or new but needs to be populated and have active players.

- can be F2P or P2P

- any kind of pvp will do i like em all



-- ty for all that post with suggestions :)

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  • gringemoregringemore Member Posts: 182

    Right now Rift is the most populated mmorpg for pvp that ive seen. I would Suggest Sunrest or Briarcliff servers so you have alot of population to help you level but you may want to play on Harrow because at times the aforementioned servers are at full capacity and youll have to wait on a line or que to get in.. Buy the collectors edition of rift if you can because it gives you a mount and a buff that you can put on any weapon.

    Also DCUO is pretty fun and populated but I play it on the PS3 and I would suggest Killing Joke as the server for that one if you have a PS3.


     Happy Hunting )

  • romanator0romanator0 Member Posts: 2,382

    Guild Wars

    If you don't mind lobby games:

    Bloodline Champions





  • ltankltank Member UncommonPosts: 293

    Replied to the other thread you made about this. I say Warhammer.

  • NideliaNidelia Member Posts: 43

    Darkfall is good for PvP. :)

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  • nixvaldeznixvaldez Member Posts: 14
  • LerTLerT Member Posts: 3

    If you are wanting a pvp fix i suggest Darkfall hands down best pvp rush game, if not what looking for also warhammer, rift, lineage 2, quake live for shooters also lobby games DOTA & SOTIS are alot of fun

  • joojoo1975joojoo1975 Member UncommonPosts: 275

    Eve online.


    Squad PvP out the Wazoo.  and when u die in here, it actually means something!



    (Edit:  just saw you did 2 posts?  so not gonna post on other just in case it was accident[though you changed titles on em])

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