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New PC Required - UK Based



  • ThyromThyrom Member UncommonPosts: 45

    So far, so good and all the temperatures looking good :)


    That wireless thing is weird, I dont think it is a driver thing as I have checked all of that - and I am connecting when "wired up". The problem is that is wont find any wireless networks at all. On doing some googling it appears that others have solved the same problem by changing the "Windows Mobility Center" to allow remote access. I just need to find that and I think that will solve my problems.


    Has anyone else every heard of Windows 7 not detecting any remote networks?


    *Edit* If it is any help under network adapters I have the following; Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller (drivers checked and updated)


    Update: I think the fact that it cant find the modem is the problem, I just don't know how to get round it. I have read things on various forums saying that Windows 7 installs its own modem drivers that may cause a conflict and prevent any others from being picked up....but I have no idea how to disable anything that Windows sets as a defualt in order for me to detect the one on the motherboard :( Other than that it is great! Best PC I have ever owned so I am really chuffed and overwhelmed with the help on the build.

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  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,214

    A lot of motherboards do not come with WiFi pre-installed. You have to add it in (either as a PCI card or USB device). I generally prefer external WiFi devices for desktops (generally USB), because you can position them independently from the computer to get the best reception, and you avoid a lot of that electrical noise that is inside the computer case that lowers the signal.

    If your positive your motherboard does have WiFi built in, you need to check for updated drivers and make sure you have the antenna connected. Sometimes Windows won't detect it as a new device until you run the driver install program, then it gets picked up.

    But, if your able to wire it in without having the cord running down the hall and being tripped over, wired is vastly better than wireless anyway.

    The Realtek device that you see installed is your wired ethernet card.

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