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Aerrevan Going Free-to-Play

JergisJergis Member Posts: 37

-Just in case anyone is still interested, Cubeforce announced they will be releasing Aerrevan 'Gold' on April 19, final beta keys (which grant a vip-type pass to the game as well) will be given out April 13. Announcement can be found here, along with some idnications of the improvements they've been workign on and some details on the free-to-play conversion:




If interested, check it out. I will likely log in during beta and release to help new players out and hand out some goodies. if yer not interested, the game doesn't look right for you, etc. then no worries, enjoy your day!




  • KanylKanyl Member UncommonPosts: 252

    Hi, am I going to try out this game!


    How is the population?

  • sloebersloeber Member UncommonPosts: 504

    when i was in beta a fiew months ago it was unplayable for me.....going to try it again yes.....specially when free :)

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,458

    this game was p2p?.... im watching the gameplay video on aerrevan.com and that game looks awful for a p2p.... im sure it will survive as a f2p... smart move from CubeForce..... SOE should do this with some of its games *cough* Vanguard *cough*

  • KanylKanyl Member UncommonPosts: 252

    Indeed! I love Vanguard and would love it even more if it was F2P!

  • JergisJergis Member Posts: 37

    -The population right now is what many consider bad. Alganon bad, in reality. They've been working on things furiously to get it ready for public consumption, but pretty much everyone has stayed back, popping in occassionally to test things out, until that time that release is ready.


    We'll be there over the next few days, stop by and see what you think no hard feelings either way, but we'd be glad to have ya!


    Have a good day.



  • JergisJergis Member Posts: 37

    -Beta Keys are now available at various sites. News entry here:


    Come on down, check it out, whether you stay 10 minutes or 10 months, enjoy yer stay.



  • EverketEverket Member UncommonPosts: 244

    Cool, wanted to buy this back when it launched, but everyone said it was mroe or less playable so I skipped.

  • LadyAnjhLadyAnjh Member Posts: 2

    This massively multiplayer online game MMORPG set in a colossal world weighed down with magical conflict due to a mysterious meteor strike. Players can sustain themselves with either of two great mages and initiate PvP battles to control the world’s Aer, or magic essence. Aerrevan occurs on the continent of Lurris which is shattered by the arrival of a magical power known as Aer. Aer comprises of strong magical attributes, although it is extremely poisonous to the body. Four years ago when Baehoman meteor hit Lurris, it brought with it this lethal component. When the meteor struck, Aer was disproportionately dispersed around the world, while many died as their own life-force was partedfrom from their bodies, and others became transformed into terrible creatures.

    The graphics quality of this MMORPG game is slightly weird. Aerrevan contains plenty of quests. The players will find this very much interesting and adventurous since it has many maps to explore, but in reality the game has medium players based.

    This is a flawless World during exploration, and players will never have to see a single loading screen or break in game play.  It has a unique feature which lets the players communicate to other characters by typing text the similar method they would communicate with other human players online. Everything in the game starting from the houses to dungeons appears just seamless. This system is used broadly all over the world; you will find every single structure in this game to be very authentic as each of them encompasses an interior.

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