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[EU] [H]**Animus** Are you ready to ROCK!?...'n' Re-Reroll?

azmerielazmeriel Member Posts: 2


**From the founders of Cold Logic (the most successful reroll project to grace Europe) we bring forth a new project in which to continue Cataclysm and beyond!**

I stand before you (well sit actually) to give hope, to ignite passion and put forward an idea which has been in the pipe lines for a while now.

Let me tell you a little about myself so you can gauge where this post is coming from. I’m a WoW veteran, I started back when things were shiny, Gnomes were a novelty and blood was shed on the beaches of Southshore.

I have always been involved in hardcore entities, from MC to Naxxramas, from Karazhan to Sunwell, into the Freezing wastes of Northrend and even into this expansion to an extent.

I however have lost my way in the game, I no longer see the passion that once shone, I know longer see the drive and ambition that once lived within the player base. The definition of hardcore is no longer defined and guilds simply do not deliver what they promise…and this is where this post comes in!

Ever felt like you're the only one putting the effort in, whilst everyone around you seems to be AFK or still not flasked after the sixth time of asking? - Then no more! Reroll today and join a community where these fundamental tasks are second nature.

Ever felt like however hard you try you're never going to fit in with a community who have been together for four years? - Well why not reroll? and be part of a guild from the very outset, where YOU the player guides the guild future.

Our new project looks to develop on our previous endeavours and use the knowledge gained from Cold Logic to create an even more succesful entity!

What I’d like to achieve:

* A highly skilled  player base with the desire to succeed at end-game raiding.

* A brand new start within the game alongside passionate and ambitious players.

* A guild with a firm emphasis on community.

* A chance to be part of an initial setup, where your ideas and views matter.

* A management team with a wealth of knowledge within high-end raiding guilds.

* Fair and progressive loot distribution

* A solidified end-goal without deviation from such.

What we'd require from potential applicants:

* Preferably two years experience of end-game raiding at a relevant level (Naxx40 - Sunwell - ICC Heroic - Cata Heroics) Our ultimate goal is to become a highly succesful raiding guild, we'd ask all players applying to have relevants experience.

* Passionate - We are looking for players to have a real desire to play the game. If you're looking to quit in a few months time, please don't waste our time or yours.

* Intelligence/Maturity - We require our players to be able to communicate in coherent sentences and to have attained a good grasp of the English language and grammar.

* Etiquette - We require our players to conduct themselves in a manner in which will not bring drama or the guilds name into dispute.

* Proactive - We need players to who want to contribute and involve themselves within the community. Also this being a reroll project we need people to be able to read up on their classes and want to really make their new toon the best it can be.

* Activity - Our aim is create a raiding enviroment which will require a three day attendance, therefore we will require players to be able to log on three nights a week to level and then any additional time over the weekends. We will have a strict three day kick policy in order to avoid problems with recruitment.

***We are not asking anyone to get 85 in any alloted time period giving us three days a week means everyone should be able to keep up - people wanting to put in more time are more than welcome to**



  • azmerielazmeriel Member Posts: 2


    We are very open to discussion on things such as guild name and server however we have already decided on a few specifics so we can concentrate our recruitment within the defined parameteres and not waste anyones time.

    *Our Faction will be HORDE

    *We will prefer a PVP server if possible

    *We will be a 25man guild and our progression will be strictly 25man.

    *Our proposed raiding times are 20:00-24:00

    *We have no current age restriction on our applicants - however we require all players to be able to show maturity and sync with our overall vision of community.

    *We have decided to keep open 15-20 social spots for people just wanting to reroll in general. Same rules will apply in terms of activity (3days) but will have no obligation to raid with us when we reach 85.

    *We will not engage in this project without the correct personel - we will not start the project until we are ready. If we do not attract the correct personel we will simply delay the project.

    *We will not accept transfered characters - please don't bother asking.

    **Guild name and server will be decided on via a democratic vote by our member-base**

    In terms of using heirlooms and recruit a friend we have no problem with this at all, however there is no obligation and as i say this is no rush to the finish line.

    Thank you very much for reading our wall of text, we know its alot to read and take in, we really hope this project will take off this time around (We tried to launch this before Cata and had very little response)we looking forward to hearing from any potential applicants!

    Please visit us at our temporary forums @

    We are also contactable via IRC on channel: #Projectreroll2011


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