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Devs/admins gone for good?

yevoc42yevoc42 Member Posts: 34

Two of my friends went back to playing SQO, and the small but dedicated community is talking about how the devs/admins haven't done anything in over 6 months.   By anything, I mean not even a simple forum post or power tripping in the game, let alone sorely needed patches.

It is important to note that the company running the server is entirely different from the development company.  Their job is to keep the server running, nothing more, nothing less.

The good part about this is that players seem to actually be free to do whatever they please now, as the publishing company appears to have zero interest in changing the game.  The bad part is that the game is now static, bugs and all, and your $10/month are going to nothing but keeping the server running.


If the game ever managed to get a decent population going, it's dynamic enough for the players to generate the content needed without any admins/devs.


  • sm8900sm8900 Member Posts: 5

    the real problem is the lack of any real or decent start-up information for new players. I knew how to post in the game forums for help. if i hadn't done that, i would have gotten nowehere. players need to realize this.

  • yevoc42yevoc42 Member Posts: 34

    Did you find and read the game manual?  It's much more complete than it used to be.  You can find it on a top link on the game's main site:


    Also be sure to start as a STARFLEET CADET to get the in-game tutorial (which isn't nearly as complete as the manual), otherwise you will be plunked on a planet and have absolutely no idea how to do anything and will log out in 3 minutes.

    Don't forget that there is an in-game chat window.  Click on the middle left edge of the screen to open it, and press SHIFT+ENTER after typing to send your message to chat.

  • MorrokMorrok Member Posts: 130

    I have partially answered this in my reply in your other thread, but yes:

    The dev's have gone to ground pretty much.

    Of the 7 that made up the team a while back, it is said that only 1 has remained and all development has been put on halt because that one has other work to attend to and is too proud (or stubborn) to take outside help on SQO.

    Time will tell if he's returning to the code and game in general again, but i - like many others - fear that won't be the case.

    Which would be a shame, for despite the bugs and design flaws and all it is still a cool concept and "useable" prototype to build upon.

  • TruthXHurtsTruthXHurts Member UncommonPosts: 1,555

    FINALLY the game can be played as intended without those crooked greedy fools playing favorites. Everyone should check this game out. It is the ultimate Full loot Sim MMO.

    "I am not in a server with Gankers...THEY ARE IN A SERVER WITH ME!!!"

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