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Twitch Combat MMORPGS?

I haven't really been paying attention recently....   Has there been any twitch combat mmorpgs recently?  Not  MMOFPS'es, RPG's?  I don't do sandwich...  Admittedly there are some alternatives to twitch combat if you want to have a game that takes a players full ability (like rts) but I have yet to see one that I like anywhere near as much as the craziness of a first person shooter, but most first person shooters have no depth.  YES I have played NEOCRON, it was cool but I got sick of it for various reasons having to do with its implementation....

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  • AntMMOAntMMO Member Posts: 33

    you could try

    you need good reflexes if you wanna consider that a "twitch"


  • GarrikGarrik Member UncommonPosts: 946

    Gunz Online.



    Waiting for:

    Lineage Eternal

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  • AmbrosiusAmbrosius Member Posts: 75


    Total skill-based combat (Joystick recommended) with aspects of flight (space) sim and rpg.  Dunno if that's the kind of thing you're looking for . . .

    -- Ambros.

  • magicalstevemagicalsteve Member Posts: 116
    So forget hit points altogether. Forget To-Hit rolls and armour class ratings. Forget all that stuff. It'll help. In reality, the longevity in fights doesn't come from hitting someone for XX points of damage with your +1 longsword until all the XX's add up to their total health. In reality fights can be over quickly. In reality fights that last any decent amount of time are about wearing down your opponent's stamina (it's tiring stuff) or incapacitating them.

    To illustrate the point we'll compare two combat examples:

    Conventional RPG fight ...
    Bandit hits you for XX points of damage.
    You miss the bandit.
    Bandit hits you for XX points of damage.
    You hit the bandit for XX points of damage.
    Bandit misses you.
    You hit the bandit for XX points of damage.
    The bandit dies.

    Real life fight ...
    *Clank* as the bandit frantically blocks your sword with his shield.
    *Smack* as your shield comes up under the bandit's chin. (That might do it - he's getting tired since you've both been fighting fiercely for several minutes and you're both slowing down)
    *Thunk* as the bandits poorly timed thrust misses introducing his hand to your helmet.
    *Squelch* as your sword surprisingly slips through a gap in his lorica causing severe damage to the bandit's upper arm and causing him to collapse in a useless (probably screaming) heap.

    In Roma Victor, combat can be expected to have much more in common with the latter example.

    Taken from

  • anarchyartanarchyart Member Posts: 5,378

    WWIIOnline (much improved of late plus expansion coming out soon) and Planetside. Try them yourself.

  • FalconoffuryFalconoffury Member Posts: 555

    Asheron's Call

    home page

    You can dodge projectiles like arrows and fireballs. You can also run very fast when you get to mid levels. It's the best mmorpg ever made.

  • magicalstevemagicalsteve Member Posts: 116

    Originally posted by anarchyart

    WWIIOnline (much improved of late plus expansion coming out soon) and Planetside. Try them yourself.

    Those are MMOFPS's, he's after MMORPG's. Great games though.
  • nubbinsnubbins Member Posts: 245

    AC is a good twitch based mmorpg

    and btw gunz is a mmofps , which im addicted too =)

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  • Kriminal99Kriminal99 Member Posts: 377

    Originally posted by Garrik

    Gunz Online.

    Thanks guys.  Gunz online is actually pretty awesome.  Its really just an fps with levels, money, and items but that give it a heck of a lot more depth than doom3 or something.  Also the physics for this game are really good, which is more than can be said for most mmorpgs which try to do fps.  I definitely like this game.  I played purge jihad before but I think this one is way better.

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