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Anyone Still Out There?

Fa+eFa+e Vanguard CorrespondentMember Posts: 190

Man, that topic about most boring/fun game you've played got me thinking about Rag.  So I went to the website and man it brought back fond memories...I was wondering how many of you are still playing?

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  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,322

    I tried playing again, but its gotten too boring to play a 2D/3D hybrid in a common mmo gameplay.

  • ZeroRaptorZeroRaptor Member UncommonPosts: 14

    I still play from time to time. I mainly stick around to complete my collections of plushies and birthstones.


  • freshtomatofreshtomato Member Posts: 17

    I'm planning on downloading RO again.. while wait for aika global (IP BANNED by Gpotato>:O) anyway.. so much memories here. image

  • WassisfaceWassisface Member Posts: 18

    I found it odd, but after growing tired of the many, many pirated servers out there I downloaded and logged into the Valkyrie server and I must say it was a bit of a pleasant surprise. People still line the streets of Prontera just like the old days, idling their vendors and such. The private servers have become a joke really, with so many flooding the market it's come to the point where no one has more than 200 people logged in, and those people are more often than not using the game as a glorified chat room at this point.

    The game isn't dead yet and I think the F2P (with massively lame exp rates) business model really gave the game a shot in the arm. I'm not going to say great until I really dig my way out being a novice and move on to a new class but it sure seems like the game maintains its original flare and has what looks like (for now at least) a pretty good user base. Lots of characters of all levels, not just a bunch of people at end game. I'm genuinely excited. Which is weird, because I haven't played iRO since '06. What I am unsure of though is: the economy, how many botters are present, and people's general attitude are. Still for me, and granted it's probably a lot of nostalgia, it's been good so far. Now I must go and poke some rhodas with my tiny dagger.


    Sorry if that was all a bit rambling but I wanted to clarify and maybe answer some questions.

  • kamotehquekamotehque Member Posts: 19

    Ragnarok Online is the first MMORPG I have ever played, it is nice, cute, simple and fun. Though at some point, playing the game requires immense grinding, tell me what MMORPG doesn't? Anyway, the game is large scale, lots of places to explore, a lot of items to discover and use. Your in-game character grows on you as you play the game. The game itself is well balanced in terms of job classes and items. PvP is also an option here, one of which is in the PvP Arena where you fight others in a duel or randomly attack people inside the arena. Another PvP feature is the War of Emperium which gives the in game guilds to fight it out for the control of the Guild houses found in most Main Cities of the Game.

    Despite all the good things the game can offer you, it does have its limitations, one of the problems is that it is prone to cheating specially an automated program called Bot, that automatically controls your character while your away from the keyboard. The game is simply just point and click, though I don't complain because Diablo 2 was also point and click but look how good it is right?

    Over all, I like Ragnarok Online, it is simple and fun to play, will keep you occupied for hours and you can meet a lot of interesting people. The in-game Characters are cute and the game it self is better than most other games out there.

  • TweFojuTweFoju Member UncommonPosts: 1,223

    i still sometimes login to my Ragnarok account in the Indonesian RO ( idRO ) to check things, although sadly i say, Ragnarok in Indonesia has come to an end

    there is no more players logging in the server, at best, you could see 10 people max in the Market place, other than the market place, it's a dead zone all over the map


    you know, i never care when i say, sometimes i shed tears when i think back on my journey in Ragnarok back in 2003, the year in which MMO started to spread across the globe,

    the feeling and fun that you will never get back from today's Community back then, it's amazing to think on how close relations can go in the older mmo

    when i looked at my over 5000 screenshots that i ever took while playing Ragnarok from 2003 to 2006, i just wish i could live the year again and met all the players back in the days again, seriously, i miss those days,

    also i was so hardcore at a point that i had the Golden Thief Bug card alongside with the Baphomet card, Ghostring, a bunch of Angeling and Turtle General card. i wonder how much does they cost now, haha


    oh well.... the good old days eh.

    i hope someday i can find a MMO with a community like Ragnarok in 2003 - 2006 again

    So What Now?

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