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Computer opinions

jillbrownjillbrown Member Posts: 25

Would appreciate some opinions on a few pcs for gaming, im not tech expert, building computers is beyond me:


  • VooDoo_PapaVooDoo_Papa Member UncommonPosts: 897

    Im not really sure where you peeps in europe shop for PC's so I wouldnt know where to begin on pulling up sites and comparing pre-builts for you.

    however choosing between those two PC's you listed is pretty easy.  The "Acer Predator G5900-1" desktop will be the best gaming rig out of the two.  It has a much faster GPU and actually for games the dual core cpu will outperform the i7 quad.  The only down side is the rather small 500gig hard drive, but it can be managed if you dont bloat your system.

    quite honestly I dont think either are worth the money (however I dont live in your area so Im not sure really what anything is worth there), maybe someone familiar with your region will give you some better advice then I can.


    *edit* just noticed your profile says your from the US but the links you posted are from the UK?  Are you able to purchase from websites and get shipping where you live from US sites?  That would help out a lot.

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 23,226

    I'd say neither.  For a gaming system, you probably want a faster video card than either, and one more modern than the GeForce GT 340 that looks like it's a straight rebrand of the GeForce GT 240.

    Name your budget and the country where you live and it's probably possible to find an OEM that lets you customize parts and will build you a decent gaming system.  It would also be good to say whether you need new peripherals (monitor, keyboard, speakers, mouse, surge protector) in that budget.

  • DurrayDurray Member UncommonPosts: 182

    Right your profile says you are from the US? But you are linking websites so I am going to hope that you are a fellow brit here. PC world isn't bad for pre builts other one would be Dell XPS desktop series.

    If you are feeling a bit more adventurous then try a custom built place (you detail all of the specifics and they make it for you) in the UK i like this place very nice people, give them ring tell them your budget, games you want to play and what you want it to do. They won't try to flog you everything to make some more money. You can play around with the configurator as much as you like.

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