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prefer F2P willing to try P2P

hopdoghopdog Member Posts: 110

Got into DDO with my brother and did most of the unlocks for f2p but i need a break from doing fame runs.

I was wondering if there are any simi decent "Sci-Fi" mmo' s out there for the short run just so i can cool my jets from ddo. willing to try anything difrent from reguler fantasy grind's.  would perfer a team based game or enforced "budy" system and a simi decent storey.  graphics arnt so importent in my book neither is pvp.


  • drakes821drakes821 Member UncommonPosts: 535

    I'd try Star Trek Online. Its a fun sci-fi MMO and has a good population. Its has group missions and I enjoyed the "episodes". Its also really cheap.

  • ZolgarZolgar Member Posts: 533

    Star Trek Online


    Black Prohpecy (I think that's in open beta now)

    Global Agenda


    Just a few off the top of my head.

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  • russ1struss1st Member Posts: 47

    Wordl of Tanks is very cool for short breaks -1 battle lasts 3-5 mins to maximum of 15 minutes, though it's rather historical or modern then sci-fi.

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