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Dead game?



  • RabiatorRabiator Member Posts: 358

    I was looking forward to JGE too, but I think it is dead.

    Now playing Black Prophecy, and while it is a bit weak on the "massive" multiplayer aspect, I still think it is fun. Will also try Taikodom of course when it goes Open Beta. So there are some alternatives, it is not like netDevil was the only developer of space MMOs.

  • AndyPrestonAndyPreston Member Posts: 63

    Originally posted by Palinger

    Originally posted by AndyPreston

    Another example of how fanbois should temper their enthusiasm a little. The amount of people on this website who claimed this was the second coming...

    Fanbois? No....Just negative nancys like you.

    Really makes no sense bud. I suggested fanbois should cool their boots slightly. You're suggesting in that statement that fanbois are negative, how so? And how am I being negative? I suggested they should be cautious, not claimed they should hate it?

    Said it before and I'll say it again, people should think before posting...

  • TaiphozTaiphoz Member UncommonPosts: 346

    I have to agree I think it's dead , if Gazillion were going to bring their considerable cash backing to bare on the issue they would have done so and settled by now, they have not, and did not, as I called it when the news broke, their leaving Net Devil to twist in the wind and deal with it on their own.

    When you see the two real driving forces behind this game leave, and then a slew of other well known names leave shortly after them, you know something is wrong, Hermann and Scot. I called it then I will say it again, Gazillion have killed Net Devil.


    The worst thing about all of this, is that even if they launched the game now in its apprent un finished state there is such a high demand and WANT! from mmo gamers to play something like it, that it would still do really well. look at how many players play EvE and would give there right arm to drop the point and click controls in favour of getting into their cockpits, look at how many wow players swamping into rift and other mmo's trying to find something thats not got Orc's or Azeroth in it.

    The Demand is there. While I dont think the game will ever launch, and while I do think Net Devil as we knew them are now DONE . DEAD!.

    A small sliver of hope still lingers that one day, I might still get to jump into my Octavian Fighter and blast Tikigods(he likes Quantar lol) face off.


    Sad but true!.

  • AristidesAristides Member Posts: 172

    Talked to the guy I knew who was at NetDevil.  This game is dead.  Not because particular creative people left, not because of some lawsuit, but because its whole dev team was laid off by Gazillion sometime in Feb.

    Money or not, it looks like Gazillion isn't taking the game forward anymore.  If the developer gives up, I guess... it's over.  Maybe they were upset they were beat to market by BP?

  • TaiphozTaiphoz Member UncommonPosts: 346

    not that I doubt what your saying in any great detail but can you back up what your saying in any way ?

  • djodarsdjodars Member Posts: 12

    They've not been beating by BP whatsoever... Both games aren't even comparable. JGE was to be a highly AAA title with lots of polished content/gameplay. I also really doubt a F2P indie game will be able to compete against huge developpers like Codemasters/NetDevil/Gazillion. But hey, it's my opinion :-)

    I still have hope that the game will come out someday, there is so much work already done on it I don't see why they would'nt put a couple more months to finish it and ship it.

  • MagicStarMagicStar Member Posts: 380


    An indie game developer's usually don't make the graphics look AAA style with voices and movies attached to it(like UT3) as you see in console type of game but more of an artistic, and even retro style, as long as it looks neat unlike JGC's 3d ship models, and actually trying to find a niche. Something that lower end computers can run.

    Of course the graphics from a game made by a corporation can be a hundred times better than an indie but the game play is not so hot.

    The real answer is, nobody actually knows if JGE will resume development after the lawsuit. They say it's a couple of months, so I'll have to wait. If JGE does come back from the dead, then I would beg for an ffa-pvp style of a system with penalties, and discouragement of killing low levels. Along with a player driven political atmosphere and environment.. more to explain later.

    If not, there's always JGC.

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