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Help me name this game!!!

donald0551donald0551 Member Posts: 37

I'm trying to find this game that I played a while ago when it was in beta...The game had a very unique system to it....when you created your character you choose a spirit/hero transformation that you could transform into at given times in the game. You would get a massive buff and new abilities. You would only be transformed for a limited amount of time however, and you could not transform again afterwards for 30 min.


I loved this game when I played it during the beta and yet i for the life of me cannot remember the name to it...if anyone happens to know what i'm talking about please let me know! i'll greatly appriciate it! 


  • King_KumquatKing_Kumquat Member Posts: 492

    ... I didn't beta test it but it's along with those 'oooh I don't quite remember!' grouping.

    Like the one MMO that got cancelled with the lore written by Piers Anthony and had a unique pvp system. Then there was the witch hunter MMO that got turned into Warhammer and uh... We all know that story.

    I'm interested in knowing too!

    Will develop an original MMORPG title for money.
  • donald0551donald0551 Member Posts: 37

    I was able to find the game myself after alot of searching its called. Legendary Champions! 

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