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This game need better PvE

MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,079

Then it would be awesome.


I cant stand the single hero pve battles



  • AmaneaMisaAmaneaMisa Member Posts: 9

    I gave this game a 2 month run even though I was dealing with bugs preventing me the ability to use my troops, random loss of troops for no reason or locked up my hero. I always allow a game a good ammount of time to resolve it's problems or atleast show that it is. Unfortunate for this game that is not the case. I reported 8 different bugs to thier tech support over the course of two months with the promiss that I would also be compensated for my loss. With in those bugs 5 instances it caused me unable to send troops so i could not reinforce cities or go on the offensive, 2 times i won an attack and it would show my troops returning but once they came back they where deleted this would also lock up my hero making them unuseable. One of the reports submitted had to deal with I would get a flashing city indicator to advise my citiy was under attack but the game wouldn't show anything else.

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