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LF Game that has it all

rabalaisrabalais Member Posts: 19

I know, it sounds like a joke.  I spent 3 years playing Final Fantasy XI then another 4 or so playing WoW.  WoW is by far the most complete game that I have seen, but once you hit max level there is an element that is missing.  Sure I could farm mats and craft and do dailies, but that gets pretty old if you do it everyday.

I am a pretty casual gamer.  I actually work 50+ hours a week and spend time with my wife and kid.  I enjoy the convience of being able to hop on a game and be able to do something without having a group, but is also productive and beneficial.  People told me that RIFT was WoW on roids, tried it, dropping it after 2 weeks.

I tried some free-to-play stuff, and while some of them seem cool, I am against paying $10 a month to unlock new content and gear.  If I wanted that, I would stick to the monthly subscription games.

So this is kindof what I am looking for:

(1) A newer game

(2) Good active community

(3) Free-low monthly subscription

(4) Good UI and graphics

(5) Something that benefits guilds, such as housing etc

(6) A productive economy (Auction House, trade windows, etc etc)

(7) A game that I can play minutes or hours without feeling guilty when i log off

(8) A game that will make me want to come back.

I hope I am not asking for a lot.  If someone has an opinion on a game that I could try that wouldnt break the bank or would be worth my while, please PM me.  I am not sure if I can check this at work, and reading from the iPhone is not ideal. 

Thanks for your time and happy gaming!


  • HeretiqueHeretique Member RarePosts: 1,530


  • rabalaisrabalais Member Posts: 19

    thats kindof what I thought... is there a game that tops WoW? I am really just trying to buy my time until Guild Wars 2 releases

  • russ1struss1st Member Posts: 47

    Your (3) and (6) hardly come along with (4) also (7) and (8) are too personal too evaluate.


    Just look into newerest p2p games and see which one attracts you :)

  • FlyingbottleFlyingbottle Member Posts: 47

    hard to give a good game that fulfills all your needs :p

    "The world's still the same - there's just less in it."

  • CefkaCefka Member Posts: 92

    D&D online ? fits everything but (1).

  • russ1struss1st Member Posts: 47

    Originally posted by Cefka

    D&D online ? fits everything but (1).

    Doesn't fit into 7 at high-mid levels. When dungeons start to be harder and requires grouping.

  • OnarixOnarix Member Posts: 84

    Try forsaken world its alot of fun.

    Free to play means pay to win.

  • TweFojuTweFoju Member UncommonPosts: 1,235

    Originally posted by rabalais

    thats kindof what I thought... is there a game that tops WoW? I am really just trying to buy my time until Guild Wars 2 releases

    sadly no,

    why should it be another MMO? you can buy your time with single player, or take a break, travel, etc

    believe me, taking break from MMO is not a bad thing :D

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