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Short first impressions =]

QSatuQSatu Member UncommonPosts: 1,768

I played some beta of this game and it seems fine. Even though it's 2d browser game the artistic style is gorgeous. Equiepemnt affects the look of your character and there is more variety than in many other games. Sounds and music are superb. Quests are typical go kill something or fetch something. Nothing special but the story behind them is alright. Combat is turn based so it can get a little repetitive. Overall I have a very good first impressions of this game. The thing is devs decited to reorganise the whole game and it seems the game will be in closed beta for another few months untill they finish new version of it. I'm a little surprised by this decision since this game in beta is better than any other browser game (btw. it's a reall mmo, you see other players on the map etc.) but if they think they can improve it so they should try.

I just want to tell anybody who will visit this place that the game might be a really good browser based mmo in the future. So don't forget about it and check it out if you can =]


  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,361

    I have never heard of or seen screenshots for this game up until now. It looks like an oldschool MMO, anyone know if this is the case? I mean obviously the questing system isn't if it's fetch quests. But anyone have any experiences with it?

  • ChackzChackz Member Posts: 76

    not yet but cant wait to try it in OB

  • munecaroonmunecaroon Member Posts: 88

    I like what I see.

    Talented people putting together a nice adventure game.

    Definitely will try that out!

  • RainBringerRainBringer Member Posts: 150

    Looks promising for a browser based mmo.

    I Hope to give it a try sometime soon.

  • Yavin_PrimeYavin_Prime Member Posts: 233

    I'll admit, I'm curious, to bad it's still in CB because I'd like to try it... I've always liked things with a middle eastern/arabian flair to them.

  • M4koM4ko Member Posts: 385

    seems interesting enough to try out

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