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Is Shaiya failure in 2010?

SaibertSaibert Member Posts: 1

Shaiya is nominated for only one prize at Reader's Choice Awards 2010. However, the result of the current phase shows total failure of Shaiya. The votes Shaiya got is laughably few.Shaiya II is also expected for many ppl,will Shaiya II be hot again,we will know the rusult soon.

Shaiya's votes should be more.


  • AnimeiAnimei Member Posts: 13

    Shaiya is very fun when first starting off, like alot of other mmo's, grinding is a key part, and unfortunately, nearly every quest involves grinding.

    Graphics are very good, but the lack of widescreen resolutions spoil it for me. The character avatars are one of the main flaw, unlike wow, where characters are large, colourfull, and mak you want to have the best armour and show it off, shaiya's avatars are small, and blend in.

    Shaiya gave me many hours of memorable gameplay, making me want to create a new character to experience the more fun aspects of pve.

    The pvp is also excellent, with large battles occuring often, and different character classes having to really do thier job well to win.

    The game is presented well, though sloppy text from npc's using words like 'n00b' creates a very quirky atmosphere.

    Overall its free and you should give it a try ;).

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