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Subsription cost for UK.

mayeseymayesey Member Posts: 17

Hi, i just started playing and i am on the free trial. I decided to look at the subscription fees and it says they are 14.95 euros a month, and 14.95 dollars. So i converted the euros into £, as i am in UK. And it comes to about £10.30 a month. That is quite a lot more than any other mmorpg. Can anyone from the UK confirm that price though?


  • NaosNaos Member Posts: 379

    EU tax.


  • United Kingdom are not in the EU, and thankfully France said NO to it yesterday.....but we still get taxed for subscribtion costs.....strange......

    The great United Kingdom will never be part of the EU..........well.....hopefully notimage

  • SideSwipeSideSwipe Member Posts: 44

    LMFAO Britain most certainly IS in the EU... Britain is one of the founding Nation States of the EU. I think that you may have gotten confused with the new European Constitution, which France did vote against. This does not however mean that France has left the EU. Britain at some point will be granted a referendum on whether to agree to the European Constitution, however as with France a "No" vote will not mean us leaving the EU.

  • Your right, i did get confussed.......
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