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PVP realm " KOR'GALL "

jimmy123jimmy123 Member UncommonPosts: 314

Firstly i like to say im English and 32 years of age. wanting to join a guild in pvp realm "KORGALL"

Average player not brillant not crap just want to have a bit fun........have not been on there long.  So far grouped  MOSTLY with are  14 year old children, who do not understand the word WAIT, which im sure a great deal of players have probably found when they team up for the first few

So basically looking for a MATURE, ENGLISH,GUILD in KORGALLimage


  • urbanhaikuurbanhaiku Member Posts: 1

    I'm looking for the exactly same thing, although I'm a pretty fresh player - got a night elf rogue at lvl 13 now, after playing for a few days. I expect to be about level 20 some time next week, and I am consequently looking for some kind of guild as playing by yourself isn't always that much fun. Any tips would be muchly appreciated ^^

    I'm 22 and Norwegian, but I live in England, and thus I am looking for a guild that communicates in English and is dominantly adult. So yes, English, Mature, Fun Guild on Kor'Gall please ::::19::

  • noodleznoodlez Member Posts: 6
     r u lot in a guild yet or still looking?
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