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    Originally posted by gaou

    Originally posted by jeremyjodes

    The ones I have known since before NGE will try TOR but it seems SWG players went to the TOR forums and asked to many questions about sandbox features, and basicly got told to GTFO by some of the 2008 members. Go there and ask about SWG and sandbox or hell even drop compares to Wow and prepare for a hellstorm from Kotor fans.


    Pretty touchy over there. why I avoid the forums tho, hehe.

    not to really defend them cause both sides are fault, but multiple times a day you get people either asking why it isnt swg2 or screaming about how it will fail because its not.  after 2 years peoples patience wears thin and they have given up trying to be nice.  and what happens unfortunately is that the swg people that have interest in the current game and just looking for info get caught in the crossfire.

    Exactly. It's hard to tell which of these newbie's are sincere and which are just there to troll. Many of us went through that whole routine a year and a half ago when Bioware stated that this was more of a themepark than a sandbox and don't feel like repeating a dead issue.

    It's also aggravating when basic questions like that can be answered by simply reading the faqs and scrolling the forums. 

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