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JumpGate EU going down...

Today MightyGames announced that the game services for JumpGate in Europe will be shut down with the end of June. Billing will be stopped on June 1st.

quote from http://forum.mightygames.com/showthread.php?threadid=27929:

As stated in the news piece, accounts will not be billed after tomorrow. It should also be made clear that, technical issues permitting, as from tomorrow all trials will be 30-day, which should last until the end of the month. Furthermore, we are putting the finishing touches to a system that will let players with lapsed subscriptions play for the final month without being billed; more news on this will follow.

Jumpgate still has a small, but very dedicated community. Some players have already started to collect ideas and use their individual contacts to get another company to resume hosting the game.

Original Announcement

Resurrection thread (English)

Resurrection thread (German)

NetDevil (Developer)



  • Sephiroth-Sephiroth- Member Posts: 15
    They are working out some kind of deal to transfer EU accounts over to US as well.
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