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Multi-gamming community

Heya guys/gals

Listen I run a very small multi-gaming comunity. We are always looking to meet new folks and have fun in new games. If any guild leaders out there would like acsess to our Ventrilo server for them and there clan throw me a PM. If we can get along ill make a chennel for your game.

Couple of things here.
1: I nor any of my existing members will ask for any speical privliges rank or otherwise. Its your guild you run it any way you wish

2: All I ask is to be able to follow some very simple community rules.
Leave religion, political or racial chat off the server
Guild leader must be 18 or older and mature
Guild membership must stay open to everyone ex: no race, class or level restrictions

Outside of that run it what ever way you want as long as your fair. I only have thoughs rules so that everything is fair and mature. Besides any guild worth there salt already has thoughs rules in place.

So there is no confusion I am not starting or running a guild. This is a invitation to a guildleader to join our community to share our web space and Ventrilo server. Also no money is needed the voice server and webspace I will fund. Basicaly we just happy meeting and making new gaming friends no strings attached.



  • Nimrod4154Nimrod4154 Member Posts: 864

    Yeah, sounds ... okay. Too bad you don't give us any information on how to reach you or the guild.


  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    Multi-gaming...I guess some peoples will like it.


    But me, I play 1 game at a time, especially MMORPGs.  Do I want to resume with my past guilds?  Err, well, if I stumble on them sure, but to actually plan everything around that?  Rather have a lazier life and just see what destiny bring forth.


    Not to mention that many companies like SoE and Blizzard often act less nicely toward multi-MMORPGs guilds then to regulars guilds limited to their game(s) alone...1 more reason to just redo everything and never make the guild the focus of my gaming experience, RL friends are easy to find everywhere, and usually we end up in the same guild!

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  • War-AddictWar-Addict Member Posts: 3

    If you would like to get ahold of me just throw me a PM and ill get back to ya ASAP.

    Ano I would have to diagree with ya on this one. Multi-gaming community's have tons of benafits.

    Guilds, clans, outfits ect.. there meberships swell fast due to shear numbers. Starting a clan can be tough due to lack of people online at the time but with a community you allways have someone to chat with. Large multi-gamming comunitys get things like beta invites to MMORPG's and server sponsorships for FPS'ers.

    Basically im a game jumper so instead running up a huge list old gaming friends i want to get em all in the same place. Even if you were to never play anything differant that your current game you have free ventrilo and shared webspace.

    This may not be for everyone but I fail to see how a guild could lose from it. Free vent free webspace folks from acrross the world to chat and play with and if a gaming company has a serious problem with multi-gaming dont advertise your in a multi-gaming community.

    Just my thoughts


    Multi-game groups are a great benefit to be a part of and are also hotbeds of lies and intrigue.

    There is a benefit to being a part of a group where you can always find a couple of friends (or Psuedo-Friends) to play just about anything and to also socialize with. However the social dynamics of such a group is hard to maintain, especially when it has existed a few years. How are players ranked? Is this guys opinion as valued as this other guys? This part of the group wants to do this and this side does not.

    It is nice to have a steady group of people that can help with gaming, graphics, writing and or movie making. Sadly can you name more than a handfull of groups that have existed for more than 3-4 years?

    But hey it's just my opinion .... and I am a bitter old man.imageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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  • War-AddictWar-Addict Member Posts: 3

    I would have to agree with everything you said but let me ask you this is this an multi-gamming issue or a issue in general? IMO it does'nt matter if its a community dedicated to many games or one game they all have the share of BS. This can be simplified though. Rank? dictated by the guild leader of that game within that game. On a comunity level? There is no need for it, if your the GL of the WOW guild and you want to play GW then your a grunt, recruit ect rise in that guilds ranks based on your merits as the GL sees fit. The mechanics are simple every guild, clan or outfit are an entity onto themselves just simply located on the same Vent server. Arguments, lies ect, ect.. That will be there in any group no matter what steps are done to prevent it. The most I can do there is what any mature guild, clan ect would do try be objective and flesh it out as quickly as possable.

    I make this sound simple, but in truth this is no more complicated than starting a guild. Im not going to make false promises on a 100% smooth ride but what guild out there can?



    Was just pointing out some negatives that come from a clan like that.

    I agree that a good group is awesome...

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