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Kid's Game?



  • ktanner3ktanner3 Member UncommonPosts: 4,063

    Originally posted by rockrock

    Originally posted by ktanner3

    Originally posted by MMO.Maverick

    While I wouldn't mind more realism in combat situations in an MMORPG, also in SWTOR, I find it odd that people are suddenly clamoring for it, as we didn't see people hacked to pieces or with cut off limbs or blasted to fleshy cinders in a Lotro, WoW, Aion or Rift, and not even in a Tabula Rasa or Planetside. Nor did I recall seeing blood spouting all around in them, or bloodied characters.

    So, why suddenly this need for it in SWTOR as this isn't exactly a thing that's present in as good as all MMORPG's? Are all those MMORPG's kid's games too?


    The only MMORPG that actually did something with it and imo had pretty much nailed it down was Age of Conan, and that one had a Mature rating.

    Glad to see I'm not the only catching the hypocrisy of this argument. 

    It's not a question of hypocrisy.

    It is when the accusation is made  that a game is for kids just because it doesn't include graphical violance. Why weren't these concerns ever addressed to other games ? It shouldn't matter what the IP is based off of if realism is really your top concern. What's the difference between a lightsaber slicing someone and a sword? A person's head can be lopped off easily with a sharp sword, yet you don't see that in most MMOs with swordplay.Are those games for kids to?

    Whereas most MMOs are derived from generic fantasy games and  IPs, Star Wars games are derived from Star Wars films in which light sabers do light saber damage. Many Star Wars games manage to recreate that damage quite successfully - like the Jedi Knight series where, if you hit a stormtrooper with a light saber, you cut him in half.

    Most Star Wars games didn't have it and we're not making a single player game. As I said earlier, you rarely saw a lightsaber blade slicing thru people in the movies. You knew that it had happened, but only because it was implied. That's why 5 out of the 6 movies were rated PG. Even the one that was rated PG-13 never actually showed lightsaber contact on skin. 

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  • ArentasArentas Member Posts: 76

    Originally posted by Evasia

    Why they make cartoon mmos then and color up the games with childish characters symplified the gameplay to extreme becouse those so called growups can play it and like it?

    Its still main target under 20 and alot familys that play these games.

    War WoW GW2 RIFT SWtor mainly the themeparks, are all for young gamers and family as there main customers.

    Nothing wrong with that becouse still mmo's less popular offcorse but more for the older and more demanding gamer we have games like EVE Darkfall Xyson Ryzom and prolly also AoC and some others.

    No, they make cartoon MMO graphics because they are easy on system requirements while still retaining a sharp presentation... and they pass the test of time.  Imagine how poorly WoW would look now if it tried to go for a  2004 tech realistic graphical representation.

    These are two pillars of making a successful MMO game when targeting a massive audience. 

    Do you think Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2 are designed for younger audiences?  No, they are adult themed games with a userbase that will primarily consist of fans of the original series, who are now 20-40 years old. And yet Blizzard continiously makes the graphics for those games cartoony in nature.  Never bothered to wonder why?

    SWTOR & GW2 are doing the same thing for the same reasons.  The Secret World, which is also an adult themed game, and runs off a modified engine of AoC... has also reverted to a cartoony like graphical theme.  Why?  Because Funcom learned from the mistakes of making a technically demanding MMo in AoC.

    Eve, which is perhaps the only MMO that uses realistic graphics while still managing to be successful on a marginally large scale, was forced to undergo a massive graphical overhaul. It also has almost no animation what-so-ever, nor does it have to call up and render varying layers of gear the way the basic MMO does(never wondered why you aren't allowed to customize your ships appearance?  The hardware and server strain would go through the roof).   Most of its textures are just static fixtures with lighting effects, which is why it manages to look good and play on low system requirements. The real test for them will be how they get Incarna and WoD to work with realistic graphics w/out alienting a large portion of their userbase by increasing hardware demands. 

    Regardless, unless your talking about Maplestory type of cartoony graphics, it has absolutely nothing to do with who the games target audience is.   Nor does he have anything to do with being a sandbox or themepark... Darkfall, since you specifically mentioned it, uses cartoony graphics and tons of cell shading primarily for the reasons I listed above.  If it used realistic graphics, it would slow to a crawl under the load caused by large armies all fighting in the same area... plus it would look even more dated than it already does.

  • drake_hounddrake_hound Member Posts: 773

    Arentas already said everything .


    Reasons for the cartoonishe graphics are that system handles them beter , and it looks beter with older system .

    When you don´t run every shader , rendering and shadow on .

    AoC one of the reason fail was that hardware was not ready yet , most people couldn´t run state of the art graphics .

    But cartoonise graphics has the advangetage of not being ugly and in the end when you need performance .

    Instead of beautifull graphics , it still looks OK , unlike realistic graphics if you downtune for performance . it looks horrible .

  • MMO.MaverickMMO.Maverick Member CommonPosts: 7,619

    Yeah, it'd be fun. No, you don't see it happening in as good as all the MMORPG's, limbs or heads hacked off, so chances are slim that you'll see it happening in SWTOR, it'd be very unrealistic to believe so. And no, it also didn't happen in 90+ % of all the Star Wars games, iirc SWG included.

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