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Dragonica: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly



  • boytitan2boytitan2 Member Posts: 1


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    well every 1 who still plays this game i beg u play on iah dont even bother with thq i mean come on the level cap on thq is still 65 thats just bad and the grind is terrible im playing on iah im lvl 60 could be lvl 75 in no time if i wanted in iah they give out evp event like its christmas no lie i mean with the new f6 game mode + a exp event at lvl 60 i got 30% exp in less than a hour now thanks to the new patch u actauly benefit alot from doing the yellow quest just read the patch note at iah trust me unlike thq version this game is not dead and actualy has a increase in player which is causeing packed servers 24/7 now that the servers r level based 1-30 has 2 server 1 40-like 55 idk them really then like 1 50-65 then theres like 1 65-75 any ways u pick the right server for your lvl u get 5% exp buff ^^ but because of the rise of new player and now that player of lvl 50-75 r playing much packed server thats the 1 bad thing bout the patch but seriusly return 2 dragonica on iah unles u know koreans or phillipine then u really lucky -_- but any ways new exp rate new game mode for mm and pvp paris dugeaon new job class for lvl 60 warrior r now alot stronger alot of class balanceing took place like my attack is 2000 points stronger with my new weapon 0_0


  • helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

    Think it's worth noting that you can get rid of at least half of the bad/ugly if you play on the IAH server (SEA) instead of the THQ.

  • ljubisaljubisa Member Posts: 13

    Totaly right

    I am from Europe and when i start play Dragonica, i tryed on G potato servers. Was terrible. When moved on IAh server much easier to play and no bugs, or bots. Community is great and alive. Lots of people who played on THq comes on IAH because of new patch-s and fun. If you want to play this fine game go on Iah .

    And all about cash shop is on its place but someone need to support this game with and he deserve to be little bit over powered. LOL . but i will never buy cash

  • KyllsynKyllsyn Member UncommonPosts: 108

    This game is so far from a Maplestory Clone. It's amazing. Im alos at level cap just did my 3rd job change and not once have i needed the Cash shop. (:  SOOOOOOO FUN THOUGH. Really has an arcade sytle to it.

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