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My Review

I played this game a few yaers ago, and at first it was fun. I admit that there are good stuff, like the fact that there is quite a lot of character customization. But once I had to help people on "Earth," I easily got lost. It's nearly impossible to find certain places, and once I was surrounded by enemies that were about 40 lvls higher than me. I honestly hated this. Don't try it if you can't stay at the comp all day trying to find someone or a place.



  • kamotehquekamotehque Member Posts: 19

    this game can be costly to play. If you don't do the "item-mall" it is fine. I mean it is fine if you don't mind spending a year creating a character, and then it get's hacked and the support team tells you there is nothing they can do to help you. As if it is costing them anything out of their pockets to add a few pixels to your screen

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