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I'm back Aika Global!

BustedbustedBustedbusted Member Posts: 6

I left the game for quite a while.  And now I'm playing it again, If not because of school i'm not leaving a bit of it. Now i'm back and i'm back for good.

All the world's a stage.


  • kinidokinido Member UncommonPosts: 429

    Random post much? but, good for you sticking to it :] i gave it a shot a while ago, couldn't stand it personally .. . xD 

    PS - All mammals have nipples.

    Get over it already.


  • BustedbustedBustedbusted Member Posts: 6

    Originally posted by kinido

    Random post much? but, good for you sticking to it :] i gave it a shot a while ago, couldn't stand it personally .. . xD 

    Really? Is it that bad for you? I never really had a chance to focus on playing the game that much. School, you know? My friends invited me to play again since they never really stopped playing it since the start. Anyway, I am feeling a little detached from it since i was away for so long but i'm trying to catch up a little. So many changes in the community, well, i think that's becasue they already openned the game to the NA gamers, kinda confusing although i am yet to find out they effects it has for the game. I dunno how long i'll be able to stand the game, i hope i could stay longer. So you can't stand it, mmm... what makes you say so? I'm curious. image

    All the world's a stage.

  • QualmeQualme Member UncommonPosts: 19

    I've tried almost every free mmo and for me, this is my favorite one.


    It is quite stable, the quests are pretty good, the grind is not bad and the pvp works well.  The pvp versus pve channels is a very interesting feature and if you really want to you can still pk on the pve channel, just with heavy penalties.




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    Looking for next PvP game

  • adiktusadiktus Member Posts: 128

    Oh hi! Welcome back! lol

    What's your nation?


  • FlyingbottleFlyingbottle Member Posts: 47


    join sparta!! we always have a lot of relics :) they sometimes go away but they comeback real fast.

    "The world's still the same - there's just less in it."

  • mickeykikohmickeykikoh Member Posts: 29

    I love Aika. It has beautiful graphics, amazing soundtrack, and PvP system is awesome. And you can't forget the Prans. Overall Aika is an amazing game. The only downside is the Character customization. There are hardly any choices making the chances of you running into someone who has the same face and hairstyle higher. But other then that, Aika is outstanding. Aika also has a lot of events and some events are hosted by the game's GMs, also Aika hosts a daily 100v100 Arena 8 times a day. Aika Online is the #1 most amazing I've ever played.

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