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Question for all WoW players..........

HeartBrokenHeartBroken Member Posts: 128

Did all of you play Warcraft III? I did, and I noticed a lotta guys in my clan left around the time WoW was released. It's like everyone makes the jump from one game to another together. However, WoW sold more copies than the number of accounts active on Warcraft III. If you were a Warcraft III player plz post. Why did you decide to buy WoW?


  • kernalkernal Member Posts: 106
    :D i played Warcraft III but single player :D but i bought WoW because of my freinds who are now leaving me behined and want to try that evil game called GuildWars >.< but thats besides the point, but i bought wow just cuz its a sweeet ars game :D its like a 3D version of the other warcraft chars and more better and you accualy act out as a character and lvl up to a higher lvl then 10 and equip wepons and armour, and hang with freinds and do quets and other sweet emots like wave and dance :D ALOT OF FUN  i suggest you buy it if you havent yet :D
  • aedanaedan Member Posts: 23

    I started WoW because i thought it would as good as all the other games in the series, i was wrong, Blizzard made such a departure from the original that it no longer has the fantasy feal it had in the rts games. It just wasn't the same.::::27::

  • AdmiralChaosAdmiralChaos Member Posts: 72

    I got WoW because I hated Everquest II, and I loved the Warcraft games.. so I figured what the hell..

    And after 6 wonderful months, I am still playing it..

    (And to think, I hated it in beta.)


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