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Your Ideal MMO?



  • ArChWindArChWind Member UncommonPosts: 1,316

    One that is released working with the gross bugs already squashed and not the fast fail complex syndrome shit we get.

  • Konner920Konner920 Member UncommonPosts: 295

    My kind of MMO.


    1. No restrictions on things you can do.

    2. No stupid leveling, Skill based system like UO.

    3. Something.. UNIQUE, that DOESN'T try to play like another game. Something new.

    4. Sci-Fi. 

    5. Good looking, open world with tons of content.

    6. No bland areas..

  • GPrestigeGPrestige Member UncommonPosts: 523

    Quite simply: a populated Vanguard. Nothing more.

    -Computer specs no one cares about: check.

    -MMOs played no one cares about: check.

    -Xfire stats no one cares about: check.

    -Signature no one cares about: check.

    -Narcissism: check.

  • redcloud16redcloud16 Member UncommonPosts: 222

    So many good ideas. 


    The world of roving demons where nothing is ever safe is amazing! :P I love it.

    Keep the ideas coming, i love hearing your ideas :D


  • mmoguy43mmoguy43 Member UncommonPosts: 2,770

    It response to people not wanting to out level PvE content and getting to cap too fast, heres my idea. Make levels not so important. Have cap be the difference of 2 maybe 3 times more powerful than a 1 week old, and now more. Getting to be combat effective is fairly quick of up to a month and capping takes years. And when your character levels up, have those lower level areas still challenging by making the mobs more aggressive and now attack in groups. That way you can recycled all PvE areas, everthing is doable nomatter your level. If you new you can solo mob range A, can group and do mob range B or raid mob range C. Or if you are high level to cap you can solo groups at A, singles at C. And if you want you can group/ raid up and make range C really hard but still rewarding. Its kinda like scaling the spawned encounters.The mobs  and their stats are always the same but the number of them or spawn frequency can go up, as well as the AI being more tenacious.

  • twstdstrangetwstdstrange Member Posts: 474

    Toasting in epic bread.

    Here's just a quick list:

    - A WORLD: NPCs move around and have behaviors, things change, both subtle and otherwise, 'quest' availability changes on the time of day, no instancing, etc.

    - No leveling system, it's not necessary anymore

    - Action/skill/twitch based combat; NOT Statistical combat w/ auto-attacking

    - No killing millions of wolves, big spiders, large birds or collecting their colons en masse. Give me something interesting to do.

    - Faction system, let me put my allegiances where I wish, let them be dynamic


    - True character customization (no more Face A/B/C/D, etc.)


    A pretty basic mash-up

  • redcloud16redcloud16 Member UncommonPosts: 222

    In terms of a faction system, I've always thought a Traitor system would be awesome. Like, you could change faction despite racial limitations after an arduous effect on your part, but you'd always have either an unwilling title, or some sort of marker to denote to everyone that you are a traitor. If you change again to your original faction you could be known as like Double Agent or something. 


    Also, bands of mobs hunting players is probabaly the best thing I have ever heard, from every viewpoint on the thread so far, from hunting them down or wandering around in like gangs and groups. 


  • blutm8blutm8 Member UncommonPosts: 86

    my ideal mmo?


    Star Wars Galaxies release version.


    not more to say here for me :P

  • z80paranoiaz80paranoia Member Posts: 410

    + guild wars 2 dynamic events and environment artists

    + lots of cool social minigames and activities similar to what is planned for gw2

    + champions online character customization and travel powers and big cities and tailor system but with improvements to some of the travel powers (as seen in dcuo) such as wall and water running for super speed and wall climbing and grappling rope for acrobatics

    + wows seamless zones and seamless interiors

    + no leveling up: you get a pool of points to use to buy your characters powers and stats during creation and your character is complete at creation. You dont grind to build your character you can grind titles which grant no stat bonuses just to show off or maybe get purely cosmetic rewards

    + difficulty is based on what zone you are in: the really easy zones will allow one player to defeat massive waves of mobs solo and the really hard zones will require massive waves of players to defeat a single mob. The player decides how hard or easy they want their experience to be

    + no instances

    + no recurring fee and no monthly fee: free to play you pay to unlock features permanently (no hidden monthly fees via item rental). some premium features will be account wide and some features will be character specific

    Guild Wars 2 is my religion

  • redcloud16redcloud16 Member UncommonPosts: 222

    I personally was never fond of the Freemium models most MMOs have going for them nowadays, despite it being more 'succesful' for certain companies. 

    Personally I prefer to pay the subscription and have everything available to me.

    But it's wierd, if it's a F2P for some reason I want it to stay free but still have access to at least everything game changing. : / Guess I'm spoiled alittle, and get frustrated when I play a free2play and can't have nice thigns because they require mney, even though I am playing a game that used to cost ~40 bucks several months back. 


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