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so why arent their more posts?

ExcursoExcurso Member Posts: 3

this game is great its not horrible or perfect but it appeals to both pve and pvp fanatics alike.the graphics arent as good as other mmos but it gets the job done and the gameplay is fun.especially end game pvp when you pit your character and build weapons and armor youve worked hard to get against another player or guild!theirs alot of way to make money in this game and getting the jewels to upgrade or make money isnt hard just go to chaos castle or blood castle etc and youll get ur currently a level 111dk with a +8 dragon set a exc shield and an exc blade+skill+atck speed 7 and i have to say that i am looking forward to pvping and the guild wars :)

would recommend this mmo to anyone who is looking to have fun and meet people since most servers are populated.


  • Brian04Brian04 Member Posts: 4

    Its because this game is very old and has alot of alternative although its a pretty good game back in the time it was released

  • TerryMillerTerryMiller Member Posts: 4

    I beleive there are no more post for this game is very old. i agree with ^. maybe it will be more post if its like 4 years ago when this game is still in boom!

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