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Payment options

TronolaiTronolai OthensisMember Posts: 9

Can somebody list all available payments options?


Rather amateurish that it cant be found on the website.


  • DocEllis611DocEllis611 Tucson, AZMember Posts: 86

    "The subscription price is $13.95 US Dollars per month. Subscriptions can be paid for with a MasterCard or Visa (from within the game, click on yourself, choose Utilities, then Billing, then Start My Subscription (Credit Card)), or by using Note that PayByCash is a company independent of eGenesis. For more information see the PayByCash ATITD Merchant Info Page."

    Maybe your site-navigation skills are a 'little amateurish.' I mean, it wasn't located in a great place, but the whole search took me about 10 seconds or less. Just saying.

  • StarshakerStarshaker Omaha, NEMember Posts: 28

    This game is NOT worth $14. The graphics are 1995. The lag is horrible. It takes groups sometimes to level/train up/whatever they call it. That's not so bad except at mid game there are not many people around so you are screwed.

    This might be worth $7. I don't know how the people putting this out can sleep at night knowing they are cheating people at $14.

    Play the 24 hour free time and then go play something worth your time.

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