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Auto Assault: Final Day for Auto Assault



  • YrdachYrdach Member Posts: 1

    Having played beta from the beginning and a few months at the start I am sad to see the game end.  The concept and the novelty of the game was truly great, it just did not get the attention it needed. I know I leveled two seperate characters to end game in very little time, as with many games it failed to deliver to a broad audience at that point, this was very much a live fast die young sort of game.

  • DrowNobleDrowNoble Member Posts: 1,296

    I played it in beta as well.  Reminded me strongly of the ol' PS1 game Twisted Metal.  Like others have said it was fun in small doses but I just couldn't get into it for more than an hour at a time. 

    Plus rather poor advertising didn't help either, not enough people noticed the game to want to give it a try.  Only EA's botched marketing of Earth & Beyond was worse.

    I have no opinion on whether they killed AA for TR, I will leave that to the conspiracy theorists to hash out.  NCSoft certainately could of supported AA and TR, unless there was some internal issues they didn't make public.  Again, I will leave that to all you conspiracy types.  

    R.I.P. AA

  • jakoblinjakoblin Member UncommonPosts: 314


  • VirusDancerVirusDancer Member UncommonPosts: 3,649

    Originally posted by jakoblin

    please close this thread  please !!!

    What a necro - Sep 2007.

    AA was the last CE that I bought prior to RIFT.  The game had been such a blast during the beta, I thought a bunch of the pseudo Car Wars folks would give it a try; but when it launched, the servers were so freaking empty.

    Remember when Statesman made the announcement that they were developing a Car Wars-like game in Austin, I began to drool at that point...

    ...bad advertising, too many servers, not given a chance at all.

    Painful memories, painful memories of it closing down.

    I miss the MMORPG genre. Will a developer ever make one again?

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  • eye_meye_m Member UncommonPosts: 3,317

    I bought this game, but didn't install it right away because I was trying to finish up some other things first. Then I got the wonderful news that I missed any opportunity.  Too bad there wasn't the incentive to switch struggling games to FTP back then.    *sigh*

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  • uohaloranuohaloran Member Posts: 811

    I came in here incredibly sad thinking I could've been playing this whole time. Glad to see it was a necro.

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