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How to include a picture into a thread?

MiklosanMiklosan Member Posts: 176

As topic, how is it to be done?

For example, after this text I'm writing here I would like to display a picture of a monkey with the text "noob don't know how"!










  • MiklosanMiklosan Member Posts: 176


  • MMO.MaverickMMO.Maverick Member CommonPosts: 7,619

    Look at your icon bar: 2 spots to the right of the world "url" symbol you'll find the image symbol.


    Click on it, and you'll be able to fill in the url to an image, then click on the "width" field and it'll fill in the size automatically.

    Also below the post you'll see the option "Upload new image".

    Once uploaded, you can insert them into your post.


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  • DisdenaDisdena Member UncommonPosts: 1,093

    When you post, there's a row of icons just above the text box. Towards the right side there's one that looks like a picture of a house on a hill. Actually it's hard to tell what it is, but it's orange and green and yellow. That's the one you hit to insert a picture.

  • MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,387

    The OP probaly has Noscript add on, and needs help posting pictures on the sute using noscript.

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