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Any news?

VetarniasVetarnias Member UncommonPosts: 630

I used to play this a long, long time ago, and I was wondering if there was anything worthwhile going on in PotBS since its free-to-play conversion. The last thing I heard about was the recent controversy when skill respecs became cash-shop exclusives.

From the lack of recent activity on this forum this past month, I'm guessing that PotBS has completely slipped under the radar, but I would like to know if there is anything worth returning to.


  • VetarniasVetarnias Member UncommonPosts: 630
    No replies a week later?

    And before that, the latest post dating back to late January?

    I can only reach the conclusion that this game is moribund outside its core of supporters. Oh well.
  • SplatzorSplatzor Member UncommonPosts: 92

       The game has two servers , and testbed. That seems to be about right for the population now, I am one of those that came back to the game after it went F2P. It has typical stuff going on, crying about this and that but what game doesn't have that going on?    It is what it is, a game you sail ships around and kill stuff with cannons or a boarding party.

  • NBForrest1NBForrest1 Member Posts: 11

    No there`s nothing worth returning to.

    The game is all but  dead,the server populations are almost non existent. The core base of the remaining players seems to consist of  die hard people who have been with the game since beta,they just can`t seem to let the game die in peace.

    The population has dropped so low that FLS has backpeddled on the NO crossteaming rule and now allows and even encourages crossteaming. Although crossteaming does artificially inflate the population numbers for each nation and makes the game appear to still be popular,it has created a situation where players are basically just playing against themselves.

    For the most part pvp in the game consists of  crossteamers fighting each other, then changing to their alt accounts and fighting each other again under a different nations flag. When the occasional new player does  join the game they are immediately ganked repeatedly into leaving the game in a very short time,presumably  to go play EVE.

    Most of the rules have been changed or are just not enforced anymore out of  fear that enforcing the rules will drive the remaining die hard beta players out of the game,thus putting the final nail in the potbs coffin.

    The remaining players who still play the game will try to tell you that the game is still alive and vibrant but they aren`t being truthful. They just don`t want to admit to themselves that the game is dead. They try to put a good light on it in an attempt to attract new players,so that they will have some fresh meat to gank.

    FLS`s desperation to retain the small population of beta die hards that still play the game  is painfully obvious when they no longer ban players for exploiting flawed game mechanics,that in the past would have warranted an immediate ban. When flawed game mechanics are discovered and exploited now, FLS merely changes the rules or their interpretation of the rules to allow the exploits.They then claim that    the exploit was always meant to be an intended part of that particular game mechanic,even though in the past people had  been banned for abusing that same exploit.

    These transparent acts of desperation to keep the game alive and on life support only serve to make FLS look like fools, and does nothing to create a reputation as a serious contender in the MMO game development market.

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