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OMG!! Rivery City Ransom MMORPG!!

drnoidrnoi Member Posts: 4

I dont know if this is true, but there is a rumor going around that Rivery City Ransom MMORPG is in the works and Alpha testing will be ready end of July.  Rumor has it that it will be the first "Truly Real Time" MMORPG.  Some year old screenshots are floating on the net, and I heard from some people that an mpeg is out there somewhere.





if this is true, I cant wait! I'm sick of all these MMORPG, they're all the same, POint and Click.  I was looking for something like this and this could just be the game that breaks of the mold.  I'm glad there's a developer out there who isn't afraid to try something different from the rest.  I'm gonna look on the internet for the video, but this was all i can find for now.


  • VyavaVyava Member Posts: 893

    Mr single forum poster (who is most likely related to this project), would you like to be told about:

    A. the copyright violations in the screenshots

    B. that almost every single game on the market right now is real time

    C. that the 2D models look silly on a 3D background

  • drnoidrnoi Member Posts: 4
    actually, I play dota with the guys brother.  He was telling me about the game a year ago but never followed up on until someone here mentioned River City Ransom.  Of course i'm gonna be excited for them.
  • MMHELMMHEL Member Posts: 313
  • MagicStarMagicStar Member Posts: 380
    It looks like an actual fan game more than just the MMO version of it.

    And besides the MMO version of that game would look a lot better with 2D images at a 2D background than 3D.

    Give me lights give me action. With a touch of a button!

  • AmaraoAmarao Member UncommonPosts: 650
    It looks so shitty I cant help but laugh.

  • drnoidrnoi Member Posts: 4

    i got a hold of my friend.  he gave me this video of the game in action.  he said the video is a year old, and the characters are just test characters, they are not in the actual game.  he said that the characters in the alpha version are similar in nature, but totally different characters drawn by their own artists.  and by the way, the game is not 2D, its actually 3D with 2D sprites.  all he will tell me for now is that the game is 80 percent complete with it's own world and quests, like beating up gangsters and playing basketball and baseball.  he said you can pick up almost anything you see and throw it at someone.  and yes, its an mmorpg.  he said they tested it out in the studio with about 50 different people from all over the world and it's completely lag free ( i dont know what he means by that because every game has lag), but i'll take his word for it.  he said by the end of july, alpha testing will start.  he said i wasn't suppose to tell anyone about the project yet, so it was my mistake to release those photos.  those photos do no justice to the game and the project, so i am sorry for the people who worked on the project.

    well. here is a video of the prototype from a year ago.


  • NecranNecran Member Posts: 309
    I've heard this a big ole hoax, i'll try to find the article when i have the time to dig.
  • JackcoltJackcolt Member UncommonPosts: 2,170
    Wouldn't work. We still need a good mmo with somewhat real time, none point and click combat. River City Ransom was friggin cool... liked double dragon better though.


  • KunioKun81KunioKun81 Member Posts: 1

    I dont know how many of you are still watching this Thread but a River City Ransom Online Game was released by Windysoft in 2008 for open Beta under the Nekketsu name, The beta closed in 2010 and has since disappeared. I have in fact emailed Windysoft about the whereabouts of this game but have not receieved a reply......will keep you posted

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