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Developer Speaks out against PvP Guild



  • WraithoneWraithone Member RarePosts: 3,804

    Originally posted by Jergis

    -Right now, the game is in a pre-release state. They had no business trying to release so early.


    They are, also, devs that are 19 years of age. This is their first rodeo. They are still energetic, still developing the game and fixing issues regularly.


    It goes slow, small inexperienced team and all that. But their passion is still there to develop this game. For a indie developer, the word 'fail' is different than the masses. If the indie project gets to the state the developer truley feels is ready for mass consumption, then it's a success even if no one plays it.


    A close friend of mine is an indie software dev, in fact his online strategy game has been online for the last 12+ years. It has few players now, and he recently sold the asset to a player to continue the game. BUt does he consider a handful of players a failure? No. ANd neither shoudl the team at Aerrevan.


    Hate all you want, it just comes across as petty, especially posting in the thread that a PvP guild whines about getting spanked by a couple of 19 year old game devs for being naughty. I for one am still supporting the game. It has a long way to go, but i think i'll ride along with them. To each their own.




    Well stated. I also wish them the very best of luck. Everyone has to start some place, and the vast majority of haters have no clue what is involved in this type of operation.  I hope they learn a great deal from their current game, and can apply it to what ever else they decide to work on.

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  • WSIMikeWSIMike Member Posts: 5,564

    Originally posted by Ashlura


    It's simple gaming. For those that say you have played this and that, obviously you have stuck with the lighter side of things in those games. You gank, to inspire others Guildies to come fight for their people. This is how you get Guild vs Guild in World PvP. Deal with it.

    ... meanwhile how it usually pans out is like this...

    Someone ganks/griefs other far weaker players - usually when they're already engaged in another fight. They say they're doing it to get "group PvP going". Yet... As soon as others show up to help those being harassed, the griefers - who were supposedly trying to instigate some "real PvP" - instantly turn heel and run away like the cowards they are. The last thing a typical griefer/ganker ever wants is anything resembling an even fight, much less one that they could lose.

    In my experience, the tougher these types talk (especially on forums, where they're at their "most powerful"), the quicker they run, and the more they whine when they find themselves on the losing end of the encounter.

    1) Play it just to make your lives a living hell

    2) Not play it which brings no revenue to the developers which eventually leads to shutting down the project :D

    And... Case #1 playing only to cause others grief is precisely what typically leads to  Case #2... which is why no one really likes having #1 around in the first place, and why so few MMOs have open PvP. Because the people in case #1 are always gonna show up and try to screw it up for everyone else.

    Your post has illustrated this beautifully. Thanks for the contribution.


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  • rathalas22rathalas22 Member UncommonPosts: 55

    Originally posted by SimperFi

    I see this has a good deal of posts already so I don't know if anyone will even read mine, but I'm putting it up here anyway.



    To the OP, I'm not a carebear buddy not in the least. I see violence as a part of human nature and a simple and effective way to solving problems.



    Now that said, I read your reply about these people arguing for "carebear land". Look, we call these games MMORPGS...RPGS...ROLE PLAYING GAME. So you need to calm down and have mommy take you off the pills. If you want to talk hardcore, send me your address and if you live close enough maybe I'll have a talk with your parents about what you're doing on the internet (at the very least).


    I've seen thousands of little whimps like you acting tough of the internet and I'm sick of it. You wanna talk about hardcore? Back up and reconsider who you are, sweetheart.


    This developer was protecting his community from little punks. God bless him. We're tired of putting up with ignorant shite-heads   (that's not a spelling error) who just want to ruin games. and YES YOU ARE A GRIEFER get over yourself.


    THank you sit down and shut up. Assuming you had the attention span to read this whole message.


  • DLangleyDLangley Member Posts: 1,407

    Please do not necro post in old threads. Locked.

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