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Returning to SB?

Levithian_66Levithian_66 Member Posts: 143

Heyas, I am looking to return to Shadowbane, and wanta few questions answered if it is possible? :)

Lag, does it STILL rubberband you around alot?
Hackers- are there many? any?



  • TooL-D-TooL-D- Member CommonPosts: 126

    Lag? Nope, finally resolved (there was some lag due to merchant exploits, but that was patched and the people who got caught doing it are perma-banned, including there main accounts)

    As for hacking (aka the Khar thing) nothing has happend to that scale in a long long time.

    Just did a bane where our 3 groups just wiped out about 9 groups of players.... since bane died as we got there we decided to wipe "everyone" on the scene, and my o my it was bloody...

    Its been a long time since I have seen that many grave sticks. Ill post a screenshot once someone hosts one.

  • Levithian_66Levithian_66 Member Posts: 143

    Shadowbane has always been one of my games I have missed due to the fact it is very original...
    I played Shadowbane right when it came out with a group of 7 or 8 RL friends in the same room for a bout a week, about 8-14 hours a day... Yes it was long and strenuous, but we did what we needed to...
    One of the main reasons i quit was due to the fact that after we planted our tree, and got all of our guards ranked up, walls built etc, we went to war and it was unplayable due to the rubber banding... I'm glad that is all gone:) I played on the Mourning server I think it was? I was in the guild Society of the Anvil in the ice regions... We went to war with a guild called Mordkessel or something alike that, we were destroyed... Then we disbaned and many friends quit. I didn't I bought a city off of some guy for next to nothing and after a week, a guild of 7 or 8 guys went to war with us (about 15 people) We laughed, for we had 7 or 8 level 60's and the rest 56-59. They come strolling into our city and they just owned us all in 3 minutes, and we didn't kill 1 of them... Sad... Later that week we learned that they were hackers using some hack, I don't know which, nor do I care, but it gave them an advantage over us somehow...
    After a few of my close buddies quit in the following weeks, so did I... Therefore you just heard my whole life story of Shadowbane lol... I do believe I will be rejoining this game,and buying the expansion(s) for it within the next week or 2

    I'm sorry for feeding you this nonsense :/


  • DesalusDesalus Member UncommonPosts: 848

    If you buy the expansion "Throne of Oblivion" you also get the full game and the second expansion "Rise of Chaos." At they are selling the "Throne of Oblivion" for $10, so it is a very good deal.

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  • Levithian_66Levithian_66 Member Posts: 143

    Ahh yes good to know thanks :)

  • IijsIijs Member Posts: 457

    Hey Levithian, I was kicking around on Mourning when the game opened too. Lex Tal. We did ok for a few months, but collapsed partly because too many people were quitting.... bugs, lag, dupes, lockouts, overnight raids, zergs, etc, etc, etc.

    Wolfpack would have to pay ME to get me back into Shadowbane. Good luck with it~!~~!

  • gargantroogargantroo Member Posts: 1,477

    What was the khar incident? Im really curious since you guys were like "Nothing to that extent..."

    The only thing keeping me from trying out this game is the fact that it's got such a low pop. It looks great though.

    i play on australian servers because racism is acceptable there
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