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Awesome bug

Lazerus666Lazerus666 Member Posts: 59

I decided heck I am going to pk some afk miner, what the hell.  I am a yellow flag and I thought I would lose that status.  I start wacking the guy I go grey.  He dies I loot him and I get a MC.  Low and Behold I go from grey to yellow instead of blue. 




  • ToferioToferio Member UncommonPosts: 1,411

    Duno if I would call that a bug, just different newbie flag system. It might make sense that it is removed for good once you do any negative action, but I don't really see much wrong with it being back once grey goes away, if it's within the 8 hours timeframe (That's how long the flag is supposed to last, I think).

  • osmundaosmunda Member Posts: 1,087

    try killing 5 people and see if you are still yellow. If so, then yes it is a bug. Otherwise, all you've shown is that fledgeling takes precedence over neutral. Perhaps attacking abother player ought to forfeit fledgeling status, but they I don't recall SV ever saying it did.

  • GirlGamer1GirlGamer1 Member Posts: 6

    That is not a bug.  But what you can do is, have only one character.  So you only have a person in the first slot.  Kill a bunch of people become a red.  Delete that character so you have none.  Then make a new one in the first slot and he will be yellow.  I do not know if that is a bug.  Also I do not know if it is time based. 

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