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I want inspiration

pedropavanipedropavani Member Posts: 4

So...It's like that:
Since a long time ago, I have been downloading and playing MMOs, I have played a lot of diferent games....
Mainly because they give me Ideas for my novel.
Doing a RP of a character in a game aways help out me.
For example, When I was looking for a good game to RP one character with wings, I found out Perfect World and Aion.
But I'm having a internet problem, I just can't keep downloading random games and trying to see if they will help out (or not)
And I'm on a critical time in my writings

So I'm asking help here, to the wiser players. Maybe I can find out something that will help me.

So, I'm searching for games that are related to these themes:

- Traveling

really! nice maps for travelers, long roads, and that some nice clothes too. Anything related to bards, wanderlusts, explorers, gypsies and etc...

- Nature

I really found out some nice addition to this theme, but I still need to see even more. This is one of the most recurrent themes in my book. I have been searching for Pics,Videos,Books,HQs,Mangas.... But games help out to.
Mainly: Druids, Driads, Summoners, Sprites, Nature Lovers, Hippies or whatever. I just need some wild people XD (I really like the style of these characters XD )

Also, nice looking fields and forest may help out

- Architecture

Some games helped me in this theme, even more than some books. Unchanted Waters for example, had some nice samples of architecture. any recommendation on this theme?

I think that these are my main problems now.

Please, help me if you know any game that fit in one of these themes.
And thank you for the attention


  • theinvadertheinvader Member UncommonPosts: 240

    I'd recommend LOTRO for some great fantasy yarns relating to all three themes, travelling in particular. But you might just as well read the books and watch the films (which considering you seem to be writing a fantasy novel you probably already have).

    Always read the small print.

  • BenediktBenedikt Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    another posibility would be probably vanguard, but it has really low population and no dev support

  • pedropavanipedropavani Member Posts: 4

    I spent a lot of time in LOTRO last year. It was an awesome game.

    About Vanguard, it looks cool, but I can't get a slice of information and it is paid (If I could see more about it I would even think about buying it from Steam)

  • AnnwynAnnwyn Member UncommonPosts: 2,854

    I'd suggest Final Fantasy XI  or *maybe* FFXIV (Admittedly, FFXIV isn't doing very well at all).


    Otherwise, it would be better to look at Single Player RPGs, especially if you are working on a novel, as MMOs rarely offer the same amount of Depth as Single Player games, in which case my suggestion would be  "The Elder Scroll : Oblivion".  There's a lot to do there, tons of Books scattered across all Tamriel (the game world's name) which you can read to learn about various stories, lore, etc too.


    Might as well suggest an anime too, the .Hack// serie is pretty good, especially " .Hack//Sign ".  I'd usually suggest Ghost In The Shell, but that's Sci-Fi.

  • jimmydatwinjimmydatwin Member UncommonPosts: 68

    If you are interested in Vanguard it does have a free trial.  You are limited to the Isle which imo isn't as good as the rest of the game.  It will still give you a good idea of the game though.  Also you don't have to buy it you just have to subscribe to it, if I remember correctly.  $15 gets you the game and your first month if you activate your trial account.

  • KebeckKebeck Member Posts: 323

    If you're willing to get rid of the fantasy aspect on your list.. Xsyon is what comes to my mind from what you're saying. With its post-apocalyptic lore, you'll sure find a connection with nature and human impact (maybe not as much right now.. unless you get to the edge of the world where I've heard you can see ruins of an ancient world...).. The world is huge, instance less, with forest, fields and lakes.. it have architecture as a profession... Plus, the game is bound to be RP-heavy..

  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    Eq2 maybe? It have a free trial and you can play a Fae or wood elf druid if you want to play a tree hugger.

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