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My MO experince

ToferioToferio Member UncommonPosts: 1,411

I though I too would share my experience with MO, trying to be neutral. I start a new topic in order to not derail the others. My PC specs are the following: win7 64bit, i5 750 @ 2.67GHz, Nvidia GTX 460 1gb, 4gb ram.

So, took me about 10 hours to patch the game up, with 20mb/sec net. Once patched, I asked some friends to help me with character creation, resulting in halfbreed mellee fighter (they just told me to put everything in size). Once in game, I looked around, noticing some newbies running around, about five or seven, and a red "training" bow skill by killing newbie NPC. First thing I noticed, is that despite my character being 23 years old, he not only can barely run or walk fast but also doesn't know how to rest, so much for the realism. Graphics, however, surely improved, game looked quite good on max settings, even if a bit laggy.

I saw no skills I could use, so I figured I had to talk to someone, which was right. After talking to few NPC I received resting, taming, mining and wood cutting skills, but also noticed some NPC called mushroom vendor. Intrigued, I spoke to him, to find out he was giving me a "task" (for the lack of better description) to go collect some mushrooms and sell them to him, so I can afford to buy something else (so much for no themepark quests, eh?). Well.. fair enough, I went off picking mushrooms. Was a bit buggy, if you were just a tiny bit further then you should, game tried to pick mushroom anyway, without giving you any kind of error message.

Oh well, with 100 mushrooms in my bags, I went back to the NPC and sold them, receiving about 100 copper coins (which I had to manually add to trading window.. this is just plain poor). At this point, game froze on me, so I had to kill the process and relog. When I came back to the game, it started getting dark, but some nice player handed me a torch for free (cheers!), so I could continue exploring. I decided to chop some wood, but before I could do so, server went down.

After few minutes, I could log back in, and started with wood chopping only to discover that the animation still makes you seasick, so I left the character whacking at the tree and went to make me some tea and sandwich. When I came back I had some wood and my stats have gone up, so I figured I'd explore around a bi, but before I could do that, server went down again.

I figured I'd try running the game in windowed mode, for easier alt tabbing, but going windowed resulted in me having two mouse pointers with no way to fix it, so I switched back to full screen and tried logging back in.. With no avail, server was still down.

I guess I will just leave my char whacking at the tree over the night, and hope for the server to stay up long enough so I will have decent stats tomorrow. To sum up my experience.. it was not horrible, but neither was it good. It is a disaster of a starting experience having to collect mushrooms and whack at trees to grind up stats, but I guess all MMOs feature such tedicous tasks, even if one would think that a "sandbox" would try a different approach. Graphics surely improved a lot, despite looking a bit raw. I have not tried combat yet, or any crafting, so that's for sunday.

I was a bit surprised however to see any starting NPCs at all, which were decent at introducing basic stuff to the player. It did look like last minute work, with them just standing in the middle of the forest, but it's better then nothing.

Server stability however is a disaster. ~9 months after launch, and it crashes 4 times a day, specially considering how important it is for SV atm to impress new players.



  • ToferioToferio Member UncommonPosts: 1,411

    I am sorry for giving this game another chance, thinking that SV actually managed to make a noticeable change. Before going to sleep I though to let my character chop wood for couple of hours, hoping on server crash so I would not spend all my time from newbie flag. However, as soon I got near to the newbie spawn place, I got killed by some random guys.. with yellow flag on, all I've done was some wood chopping and extraction (so no, I wasn't grey).

    Ressed, got back to my loot, got killed by some other guy. What a wonderful experience, allow me to sumup. I am looking forward to playing a "sandbox". After ~12 hours of download I get in only to face a "Go collect mushrooms" quest (note, no error messages incase you fail an action or the like) and several server crashes in row. After that I get ganked despite the newbie flag which is supposed to protect me and get lost in the pitchblack night, since torch is lost. It takes me about 4 minutes of resting to restore my health, and I can barely run for 10 seconds as an adult and have to grind up stats by chopping at a tree for hours. That's not 'hardcore', just annoying.

    And this is what fans advertised as a bugfree and completely different game, compared to beta? This is second worst new player experience I've had in a mmo, congratulations SV. Tedious, boring and bugged. And this is considering I knew a fair bit of game mechanics from beta/launch, now imagine a player completely new to MO experiencing this.. They didn't even bother to ensure newbie flags were working..


  • Slapshot1188Slapshot1188 Member LegendaryPosts: 14,243

    Yeah I just experienced the whole "kill the yellow flagged newbs exploit" as I posted in my Journey thread.  I have a screen showing my flag and chat showing the other nearby newbs who were killed but the upload picture function on here seems bugged.  I'll try later.

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