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If they fix it, will you play?

fivetigersfivetigers Member UncommonPosts: 208

I've read all the 'BEWARE' threads, and it's pretty obvious that at this point the game is unplayable.  The servers aren't even up at the moment.


However, according to the official boards, they have credited everyone's account that has purchased the game with 50 free game days  (http://www.aerrevan.com/forum/index.php?topic=1315.0).  This seems like a pretty nice gesture (albeit called for at this point) that makes me want to give these guys a shot.  Sure, their game may not look like the best thing ever, but I'll gladly trade graphics for quality features. 


Reading all the features  has me crazy pumped for them to get this game working and I was wondering how many people on here are still willing to try it once they get their ish straightened out.






  • OBK1OBK1 Member Posts: 637

    Same here, I NEED a game like the description of this game (how they define it on their webpage). I play WoW but need something different now and then. I have tried Ryzom, Darkfall, Vanguard, Fallen Earth, Eve etc. I need a pve sandbox with decent combat.

    Now, should I buy this game, try Dawntide, Xsyon? Any other alternatives? Gah, why can't someone make a proper fantasy pve sandbox game? Or should I keep hoping for a Darkfall pve server?

  • I had hopes for this game, the world NEEDS a game like this, it may not have hundreds of thousands subscribers but there should be enough people for a few thousands at least. And that is more than enough. I never got into the beta because of some annoying bug, but from what I could read on the forums, the game seemed promising although it had very many issues. The community was beyond excellent and I was excited. Then just a month or so later they said they would release it. Didn't make much sense to me to realease a game in such a poor state. I dunno why they did it, they told us they could release whenever because they had no big investor breathing down their neck. I really hope they can get the game up and running properly, because I would buy it in a hearthbeat. 

  • DignaDigna Member UncommonPosts: 1,994

    Looks a bit like Rubies of Eventide ..with trees. They should 1) get the 'Coming November 2010' video off their site and 2) should NOT have done pre-orders so early. I hope it takes off but a poorly thought out pre-order release that early makes me think they have no cash, mortgaged houses and borrowed from friends sort of thing and are trying to keep the project alive (like Rubies). If that is the case and they are that low on funds, it will stop before it starts.

  • JergisJergis Member Posts: 37

    -It still isn't 'fixed' but there are a few of us that are playing nonetheless. Treat it like a beta, hunt for bugs and misspellings along the way, and it isn't a bad ride, even if it isn't a complete game yet.


    Will i play if they fix it? Sure, but i'm playing now when it's "broke" and still enjoying myself.


    Good journey to you.



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