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Here is the community problem !

delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 6,512

Ok everyday we see a topic about the community. I'm sorry that I'm making another one. But it's important to know where the problem is :

The blame is Blizzard !!!


I have not played since August,

I like creating new characters and playing from scratch. HOWEVER because of the fast leveling as of late, you can't seem to make and keep friends.

You out level them or they out level you :

1) You take a day off, they out level you

2) They take a day off, you out level them

3) Same with standard join a guild.  The person you play with in your guild today will not be the same as the one tomorrow.


I'm sure at max level, things settle down, but I don't care about max level.


On a side note :

Fast leveling !

1) I miss being in Darkshore for 4 days. Logging in every day and seeing my friends still there.

2) I miss being in Redridge for 4 days. Logging in every day and seeing my friends there.


THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF WOW !! ... It's not the communities fault, it's Blizzard. Just try and make your very own community , You can't.........With the old 15 people on your friends list, you would not notice the ass hats !


You can also look at it like this.........A simple scale thing.....Like a slide rule

Slow leveling :

If your level 21 for two days, you can safely play with 18-23, and keep the same friends for your time in WoW all the way to end.

Fast leveling :

If your level 21 and take a day off, 18-23 players are now 41-45....You loose your friends !




  • ormstungaormstunga Member Posts: 736

    It sure is blizzards fault, at least in part. When I leveled my chars from 80 to 85 I realized there is nothing happening in the world at all. Apart from the two starter zones, the world is empty because everyone is in different phasings. Everyone is just standing around in OG waiting to zone to their next fun. Crossrealming, no world pvp, no world anything, everything craftable put directly on AH... all these things make for a game with 0 community and no interacting. Ppl say you dont have to buy of the AH, you dont have to use the dungeon finder tool... no that's right but it's there, and ppl use it and the results are there. It does affect me even if I should choose not to use it. If my guild was the only ppl left on the entire server, it wouldnt chance a damn thing for me except maybe make Orgrimmar abit less laggy, thats how much ppl interact.

    Now I played wow for 6 years and certainly dont hate it. What kept me in the game for so long was my guild made up of mostly RL buds. But thats not enough anymore, I cba logging on doing the exact same stuff I've been doing for years now with just a new skin and coat of paint. I'm moving to another game (which one doesnt really matter in this thread) and I can honestly say only 2 ppl out of 25 or so are coming with me. When I think of my guild I dont think of it as a guild of MMOers, its a guild of WoWers. For everyone except maybe one or two WoW is their first MMO. They have no idea how immersive and challenging MMOs can be. And they are reluctant to try.

    Dunno there's probably no real point to this, just that if this game was more social and immersive, less instancing and phasing, more world events (just any god damn event really), just things that would bring ppl on the server together outside of their own guilds interacting I'd likely play it for a couple more years.


    edit: just make AH crossrealm too and guilds could just log into a guild lobby looking like Orgrimmar tavern with access to couple of vendors and be ready to zone to wherever the "fun" is. Awesome.



    more edit: spelling

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