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The First 14 Days

baldmanpukebaldmanpuke Member Posts: 23
I just download EVE and signed up for the 14 day trial.  Any suggestions as to character selection and starting strategy would be appreciated.


  • NaosNaos Member Posts: 379

    Check the forums over at EVE-I loads of info here as well if you dig for it.

    GL HF.

  • IFamiINIeIFamiINIe Member Posts: 13

    I think the best for me when I started new alts was actually sticking with a style/trade instead of going all over the place like most people do. I made a trader out the box the other day. I went Galante race with decent int/memory and good charisma for trade skills. 3 days later I'm running trade routes in my hauler and up 10million isk.

    If you want a more hyrbid character. I think it's best to pick a race that has good int/memory right off the bat. Being it's the base for all learning skills. So you can train your learning skills faster than having to train int/memory skills first. I found Amarrians to be a good choice to go for that. So you can have high int/memory then train up your perception/willpower to level 4->5 real quick.

    Fighting wise, all races are good for the fighting trade. They all give good perception and willpower. Most people favor Caldari mostly or Minmatar for this. However, you must stick with training fighter trades unless you want to take time out to train your intel/memory to high levels.

    Intel/Memory - Sciences, Mining, Eletronics, Brain type skills.
    Perception/Willpower - Ships, Guns, Fighting type skills.
    Charisma/Memory (Sometimes Intel) - Trade, Agent Skills, Character based type skills

    You can go threw all the races and see which gives the best stats before you make your character.

    Miner - Intel/Memory/Perception/Willpower (Intel/Memory for mining. Others for Barges)
    Fighter - Perception/Willpower (Intel/Memory later for deep EW training)
    Pirate - Same as Fighter
    Agent Missions Pilot - Charisma/Intel/Memory/Perception/Willpower (Deep training but worth it)
    Trader - Charisma/Intel/Memory
    Hauler - Perception/Willpower
    Refiner - Charisma/Intel/Memory
    Scientist - Intel/Memory
    Industrialist - Charisma/Intel/Memory

    Most players just do a mix of everything. Always good to pick one major style and base your character off that. My main character was a "Fighter". Then I branched into "Miner" then "EW Specialist" because I had Intel/Memory up by then from Miner training.

    Famine Aligher'ri, of Voice of One

  • baldmanpukebaldmanpuke Member Posts: 23
    Thank you for all the good advice!
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