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Played this briefly when it was in beta. Won a free copy from this site, and after gathering a nice layer of dust, I finally installed it. Its, ok I suppose. Although the tutorial leaves much to be desired. Simple things are not clearly explained.


Crafting, how the hell do you even figure this out? After much searching it seems to craft you have to go to a whole other quadrant, wtf?


Money, ok I understand its the future and you have no money, but apparently you do need some sort of monetary means. Of course they neglect to mention this to you in any real detail. Later I find out there aren't just one or two forms of credit, but an uber complicated mish mash of monies to buy anything from a hypo spray to a starship. Its almost like the Perfect World game system where having 20 different currencies (and not explaining it) are the norm.


I understand its an MMO, and I watch the movies and shows, but this game is so overly complicated in what could have been a much simpler way to do things. Can see why nobody signs up to play it, as the system is so overly complicated, when not flying around, the game seems very imposing.


Flying thru space is fine, and shooting things is ok as well. Nothing special. Spam the space bar for phasers and hit 2 for torpedos and after a while, bad guy dies in a nice fireball. After a while it gets kind of old. Went to upgrade the ship with new weapons and well ran into the problems above.


Now I've played my share of difficult game systems, some easy to play, others hard to master. But they always explained things clearly and consisely. Even Anarchy Online with its implant system, weapon builds and economy was easy to understand.


Now I could ask the community, but the real problem is, should I even have to? I mean its crafting. It shouldn't be that hard. Even upgrading your ship should be explained better. The whole thing just seems as confusing as beta was. The overall flying and mission thing is nice and interesting, the buy, sell, get equipment, upgrade, craft and overall managing things is just so over the top that its no wonder people get turned off. At 40 yrs old, I shouldn't be scratching my head at a game with a monthly fee.


Oh and it has a cash shop to boot. Thats just utter greed. Monthly fee OR a cash shop. Not both. Time to go back to f2p games.


  • Maverz290Maverz290 Member Posts: 447

    Too complicated? Really?

     Now I did play this game a while back, before they made alot of improvements. If you are finding this game too confusing then.... damn this website's laws for what I can and cannot say.

     The only gripe you have here I find remotely acceptable is the zero/minor introduction to crafting. However if you cannot even fit new weapons into your ship then maybe crafting is just a little beyond your capabilities. For now at least.

    I'm guessing you didn't even ask the /advice channel. Anytime I had a question, no matter how noobish I thought it was, it was answered.

    In summary, try harder.

    Longing for Skyrim, The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3

  • GnatBugGnatBug Member Posts: 75

    Well OP i agree with you...

    However its not the complexity its the lack of instruction which gets you going. They need a time sink in the game so they make it harder for you to figure it all out. Unfortunately once you do you sing the other side of the song "Its so shallow" ... you can finish the game in your 30days by the way so you dont need to sub.

    But yea its ..BLAAhhh all the way to the cash shop ... $Box + Sub + Cash shop = Only for Star Treck geeks sitting the basement like that Stoked lot ...that dont have Girl friends! ....

    Boys has Peanuts and  Girls have a Virginia !

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