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Red Dead Redemption and Open World RPG Lovers...

rbc13183rbc13183 Member Posts: 208

Ok, I've been very curious to find out if anyone else that played through Red Dead Redemption felt that same way I felt.

I've started to mention this in the Red Dead Redemption Graphics thread, but I'm thinking that this deserves a thread of its own.

Rockstar has a way of creating immersion in open world games that I've not seen in quite some time. It rivals that of Fallout 3 and Oblivion, IMO. Don't shoot me for that comment, because I'm simply stating how I feel, here. The graphics engine, the superior animation, the REALLY GOOD VOICE ACTING. Would not anyone else want to see the same type of game except in a fantasy setting?

Look, I know that the game wasn't as deep in its mechanics like in most RPGs. In fact its quite simplistic. However, none of that took away from its fun factor. There are millions of things to do in this game (million simply means ALOT, okay?). Take all the things that made it good, refashion the game for a Forgotten Realms or Azeroth setting, add swords, sorcery, and alternate races, and you've got a game would be a hella fun. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this...

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  • RawAttitudeRawAttitude Member Posts: 36

    Originally posted by rbc13183

     Would not anyone else want to see the same type of game except in a fantasy setting?

    Would love that. I liked the mechanics of RDR but I didn't like western setting.

    Instant buy for me.

  • adam_noxadam_nox Member UncommonPosts: 2,132

    sorry but F3 and oblivion are not even comparable to the simplistic nature of rockstar games.  RDR was decent, but GTA was just bad this gen.

  • RamadarRamadar Member Posts: 167

    The western theme for red dead was great, it's nice to play something that isn't fantasy or scifi all the time.

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  • dretraphdretraph Member Posts: 20

    Well i wanted to play this game for a very long time but still I haven't played it. Maybe due to my work load and having no time to play this game. There are lots of game that I wanted to play and I left behind in my closet. Due to its reviews and as the no. 1 game of the year last 2010, this made me decide to really want to play this game. i haven't play any game wild west style this I wanted to try. The good thing that I ready about the game is the massive map and you can do anything you wanted to do given the main character quest. Now it has addon and still I don't have this game, hope i can get this by nextweek.

  • albaeuralbaeur Member Posts: 3

    Well rockstar had already moveon and created an aokay game with a different kind of theme. The Red Dead Redemption was a little bit like GTA4 in a western style look. Everything was different and likewise very fun in playing no idle part of the game. You can do everything you want but without veering away from the main quest. The game is really nice it deserves to be no.1 game last 2010.

  • christ78christ78 Member Posts: 9

    I got this game its cool and its great. A western style GTA type of game, love the game. I got this game quickly when I saw the trailer.

  • reimarureimaru Member Posts: 228

    I'm really itching to try this game, at first I thought it was another GTA but twith a western theme

    but it was far different from GTA...btw was the undead nightmare dlc also good?


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